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Your brand as a website should be as unique and special as possible. There’s not really much reason to go through all of the trouble of creating a website if you aren’t going to go above and beyond in selling yourself as a worthwhile place to spend time online.

How you accomplish this task is up to you, whether it be through a fun and interactive website or by an appealing marketing campaign designed to turn heads and captivate people. Want a quick and easy way to keep people engaged on your site? Try out an infographic. Infographics are simple pictures with all of the relevant facts about a particular topic laid out in a visually appealing fashion, with some visual aids sprinkled in to help sell the overall theme.

Why are infographics great? Here are the effects of using infographics:

Easily Remembered

Bland and boring text or videos in the style people have seen thousands of times before tend to be forgotten almost as quickly as they were viewed. People respond very well to visual stimuli. The memory is excellent at remembering facts if they were beside an eye-catching design and grouped in relevant bundles. Your users will be able to quickly scan through the infographic, absorb the information, and make more significant connections about your topic at hand in a very short amount of time.

Excellent SEO Booster

Because of their relatively small size and easily digested format, infographics are easily shared between people, as opposed to a direct link to your web page that people might not want to go through the trouble of clicking and reading through. As people like and share your infographic, Google will reward your original page with the infographic with higher rankings.

Shows Off Your Expertise

One of the core principles of infographic marketing is to adequately display how much of an expert the author is on a particular subject. Being able to quickly and accurately describe an advanced concept shows that you know what you’re talking about, and that your information can be trusted. All of your research and experience with the topic at hand will be skillfully displayed to your visitors, which will immediately endear them to your website as a source of quality information.

Visually Appealing and Compelling

As opposed to a bland and standard text-based explanation, infographics are much more eye-catching, and people tend to believe what they read on an infographic much more readily than on a standard text. Lots of information can be put into a single infographic in a way that isn’t taxing on your visitor to consume it all. Some people even derive great pleasure from infographics since they are an extraordinarily concise and effective way of learning new things.


A good infographic will quickly become associated with your brand for months, if not years, to come. Putting a good infographic out there that’s associated with your brand brings you above the fly-by-night operations that are simply trying to make a quick buck, and adds a lot more legitimacy to your operation. There’ essentially no downside to a properly made infographic, so why wouldn’t you take advantage?