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The mining cloud with Bitcoin, despite being a highly efficient method, often undermined generates a lot of questions among new users and some who already have experience. Today we will answer the most frequent ones.

Is cloud mining with Bitcoin legal?

Many users wonder if by cloud mining with Bitcoin they are not engaging in any legal activity that may later pose a risk.

Luckily for all, this type of mining is fully legal, since it does not violate any law or regulation related to obtaining money.

It is very easy to understand that if we place ourselves from the perspective of service companies. Cloud mining is one of the latter and is offered by a company. You, as a customer, simply pay a certain constant amount and receive it in return.

The point that differentiates this from other services is that one is rarely used to get more money. On the contrary, it is almost always an investment with no return.

However, the above does not exclude the scam margin. Although it is not that cloud mining is a deception in itself, but that many companies have used it to catch novice users by making them believe that they offer such a service. Before trading you must know about aussie bitcoin system.

How many types of cloud mining are there?

It is commonly believed that there is only one type of cloud mining with Bitcoin. But nothing further from reality. Actually there are 3 and quite different:

Cloud mining with computing power

This first type is the best known by most. It is about making a contract with a company that offers you to rent a part of their hash.

The proportion, in any case, will be at your free choice, since companies allow users to choose for themselves how much power or power they want. Always with the clarification that the higher they are, the greater costs and profits they will entail.

This type of cloud mining using BTC has become advantageous for those who cannot access any mining hardware. From this stems its popularity.

Cloud mining with VPS

This cloud mining with Bitcoin also consists of renting. But this time what you rent is a server, which is nothing more than a computer destined solely and exclusively for mining.

For that, certain mining software is installed on said computer. The latter is in charge of working as a miner.

Cloud mining with hosting mining

This type of cloud mining consists of a company in charge of financing a group of miners who are its customers. In other words, they bear the costs of maintenance, energy, etc.

For companies, this type of cloud mining with Bitcoin is very viable because they do not need too much experience, but rather manages to gather a certain number of miners. And for people it is very profitable because they do not have to pay maintenance.

This type of cloud mining is, therefore, one of the most popular in recent times. It is an easy way for you to start mining in the cloud without paying more than a small commission, in exchange for which your equipment will be insured.

Is it really profitable to do cloud mining with Bitcoin?

The profitability of this type of mining with bitcoins will always depend on how much you invest, since the profits are directly proportional to the amount with which you decide to work.

A low figure will allow you to generate extra income. A fairly high one will keep your wallet relatively full, at least more easily and frequently than with traditional mining.

So you will not suffer as many losses as with the other options for obtaining bitcoins.

Can cloud mining become obsolete to obtain bitcoins?

If you are a user who is starting with cloud mining, you may wonder if this method of obtaining bitcoins could end up being obsolete and, by extension, not profitable at all.

In fact, it is undeniable that mining methods will continue to diversify and specialize. However, cloud mining could not be relegated.  And in turn, traditional miners want it to exist, since it helps the flow of the blockchain.