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Is Cricket Betting Legal in India?

There are some exceptions to the rules of betting in India, but confusion about the legality of online gambling is caused by the lack of cohesion of laws between the central and state governments. It is also caused by not giving any date or modern treat in this contemporary world law.

The purpose of the article is to bring all the conflicting information together to give a clear and concise overview of the legality of online betting in India.

Web games or electronic games are still developing in India. There is no law of this type in India, who can tell us about the legality or illegality of online gambling in India. There are many online platforms where an Indian can take part in online betting. Usually, these websites claim that there is no gambling involved; there is a fair use of skill and knowledge about predicting the outcome of the game is not the same as betting only. The predictions are a huge thing in India and specially during the IPL period. You can easily see it here .

As the presence of confusion and lack of clarity on the legal betting is present in India, it falls under the gray explicit legal because the Supreme Court of India has also refused to decide on matters related to online gaming or betting platform.


In short, we can say clearly that gambling laws in India are governed by confused and without direction. The reality of online gambling is that thousands of people daily make bets on online gaming platforms. No present laws are explicitly stating that online gambling is illegal in India. So we can say that if you live in India, you have access to an online gaming platform without any legislation governing its legality or illegality of this act.