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Michael Jackson once said that entertainment is all about taking people away from their regular activities whenever they feel sad, stressed, or in pain. This is very true considering that people tend to listen to songs whenever they are heartbroken or watch a comedy movie or series when they feel sad. And when they are happy? They can listen to music, watch movies, go to the cinema, play games, and do many more things. So if the entertainment industry were removed from the world, then the earth would be left with nothing but miserable and ugly Bergens, just like the one from the Trolls animation. 

Even though we have all the great things that make our lives easier, we still want more: more songs, more movies, more games, and more entertainment. That is why the developers in the entertainment industry are working day by day to create the best experience. Virtual Reality is one of those advanced technologies that take us to a completely new world. Our brains even get confused and think it is the real world. 

Virtual reality was once a thing of a past and is now getting noticeable again around the world. It has even become popular in exhibitions like Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure Exhibition (DEAL), VRLA, among many more. Besides, most industries are applying VR in their business such as amusement parks, museums, theme parks, art galleries, and even games in online casinos. Here is what you need to know about VR and its impact on the entertainment industry.

Virtual Reality in Casinos

It is not strange meeting several casino games with 3D graphics. They are the talk of the town, and every player is on the hunt for them. These games are created in an exceptional way whereby the player can use VR glasses and be taken straight into the game. Examples of VR video slots you can find in an online casino include Necromancer (Evoplay Entertainment), Dracula’s Family (Playson), and Art of the Heist (Playson) among a few others. 

Other than the casino games, Virtual Reality has followed suit to the casinos themselves. These VR online platforms are certain to steal every player, thanks to its high-definition graphics. Some of the features you can expect in VR casinos are as follows:

  • Detailed gaming rooms, which players can walk into and explore the 3D graphics.
  • 3D game tables where the player will be taken straight to classic games like roulette. Pick a seat, interact with other players, and the live dealer too. 
  • Realistic pokies.
  • The player can perform body gestures, move hands and observe the gestures of other players.
  • In-game chats.
  • Real game sounds with 3D aspects.

With the right gear, you are assured of a fully immersed game experience in your favourite 3D casino games. 

VR in Theme Parks

Be ready to see more of VR in amusement parks especially on roller coasters. Theme parks are one of the industries that have embraced the use of virtual reality to enhance their customer’s experience. Yes, you can take the ride on the roller coaster while you are at home but it will not be the exact experience like from the park. The best thing about VR in theme parks is that you will even experience wind. Park-goers will be transported to a new world with funny or scary characters. Examples of the uses in these parks include Ghost Train, Shock Wave, and Galactica. 

VR in Music

Music has also not been left behind with VR. On its own, music is generally a universal language but when combined with virtual reality, it becomes a whole new world. It offers the user the chance to enhance their listening experience through interactivity and immersive visuals. Some of the popular use of VR in the music industry includes Beat Saber, Music Room VR, Drops Rhythm Garden, and Taryn Southern Life Support. 

VR in the Art Gallery

Art galleries can also be viewed in 3D thanks to virtual reality. Google opened the first VR art gallery called Tilt Brush. It is a platform for artists, and it allows them to create and sketch 3D content. This is an assurance that there will be more art galleries in 3D in the future. 

To Sum Up

Virtual reality environments are something of the present and the future. They allow people to get closer to their favourite areas in exhibits, museums, concerts, etc. Those who are playing 3D casino games will be immersed fully into the game and are certain to experience more than the usual games. It is unpredictable if VR will grow or be there in the future, but we can be assured that it is here to stick in the long run. Besides, some fields have only begun applying it in their industries.