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The two ring legends will face each other next weekend as boxing immortal Roy Jones Jr. will face the great Iron Mike Tyson in an eight-round show fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The fight is the headline of the first ever event produced by Legends Only League and will be about the WBC Frontline Battle Belt, a belt created especially for this match. The rest of the card ends with a mix of freak show fights, most notably the main card fight between YouTube sensation Jake Paul and former NBA player Nate Robinson, and fights between legal boxers, with former Olympian Badou Jack matched to undefeated Blake. McKernan. It’s far too early to say how high-quality boxing will be on November 28, but one thing’s for sure; it’s going to be a spectacle! When you look at the main event of this card between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., it’s a bit of a hassle.

Betting in boxing

It was never a fight that fans were asking for during this guy’s greatness, and they never fought each other, so unlike a lot of those legendary fights we’ve seen over the years in boxing, it’s not a rematch to resolve some unfinished quarrel. Tyson tried to make a comeback a bit, taking fights for show a few years ago to help himself get out of paralyzing debt, but he was fat, slow, and out of shape and fans didn’t seem very interested, so those efforts were short lived. Tyson teased the return earlier this year by announcing that he had returned to social media and showed some footage of his training that, admittedly, looked pretty good. Sports Betting on stuff like boxing always goes on and people do invest a good amount of money in it.

Tyson always being the Legend

Iron Mike’s problem was that he had no opponent. Tyson received offers from all over the world, and everyone wanted to use Tyson’s fame to secure a nice payday. Unlike Tyson, Jones Jr. did not seem motivated to step back between the ropes as he was happily retired. The only fight Jones reportedly had an interest in was against former UFC great Anderson Silva. Jones and Silva had a similarly elusive fighting style and for a long time had fun with the thought of fighting each other, but nothing came of it. 

It was really all we heard from Jones since he put his gloves on in 2018.Jones was mainly used as a lever in negotiations between Holyfield and Tyson, and when those negotiations fell apart we were left with a fight for which I’m not sure if anyone asked for it, but now that we have it, it certainly feels like fun. It may not be the fight we wanted, but it may be the fight we needed. People are hooked to sports news like this; Boxing is always people all time favorite. Sports betting always go one as people are always excited, fan base is what always has kept any kind of sports alive.