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While it’s scientifically supported that vacations are important for our health and actually can increase productivity, we don’t always have the funds, enough time off, or, frankly, even the desire to go far away for a vacation. But even if a big getaway isn’t in the stars for us, we may not really want a complete staycation either. What’s a happy middle-ground? Well, fortunately for all of us, most places in the country offer some great places to escape to. The odds are that there may be a fun getaway that isn’t too far, well, away.


If you’re needing some mental rest, it’s worth checking out a local place that may offer many amenities on-site. That way, you don’t have to take a lot of time choosing from lots of possibilities or finding parking or even spending too much time in the car. You might see if there’s a large spa center near you that offers overnight accommodation. Or it could even make a good day trip, if that’s all you have. If you book a stay at a resort hotel, you’ll not only have a fancy suite with great mattresses, down comforters, and a huge bathtub, but you’ll also have access to the pool, jacuzzis, restaurants, massages, pedicures, and possibly live entertainment. If you are in a state that allows casinos (or close enough to cross the state line or drive to a reservation with them), take advantage of one! You don’t have to be a big gambler to go; sure, you might play a round of Blackjack, but gambling is just one of the many amenities a good casino will host. Most larger casinos offer great accommodation, bars, restaurants, live entertainment, and even some shopping!


Perhaps you’re more interested in going somewhere new to explore and expand your perspective. You may be the kind of person who can’t lounge around on vacation and needs some stimulation! It’s very likely you can find a nearby town or park that can offer fun new sights and experiences for you. There are plenty of small towns all over the country that are working hard to expand their tourist base, or, even if you’re in an urban area, there might be a part of the city devoted to the history of the region. You might look for important historical areas, as a lot of these places offer great museums, recreations of buildings, as well as fun boutiques and more modern amenities as well. Many of these smaller towns or neighborhoods are associated with or near a State or National Park, which brings us to our next option for you. It’s easy to go online to look up what National Parks may be near you. You might be surprised to find one; they’re not all Yellowstone or Yosemite. For instance, Hot Springs, Arkansas isn’t much more than a small city, but it’s important history as a spa town led it to become America’s first National Park, and it’s downtown is a fun place to spend a weekend. If you aren’t within reach of a National Park, however, take a look at your State Parks (and if you live near a state line, be sure to check what’s in the neighboring state). State Parks are often the answer to needing a short getaway, as many of them offer campsites, cabins, and even lodges where you can spend the night, which you spend the day hiking, exploring nature, or even just trying to remember how to build a campfire…