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Nowadays, when looking for a company or service provider, making a decision is usually not easy. This is because there are usually numerous options to choose from, which means you have to take your time and go through a list, looking through the pros and cons of various firms to decide on the best. For instance, when looking for a gaming platform to have fun after a stressful working day, you want to find a trusted, licenced casino like the online casino from the options available. This article, however, will not focus on online casinos. Instead, it will highlight some of the best logistics companies that exist which can make your work easier if you are searching for a company to work with.

XPO Logistics Inc. 

This is one of the companies that have managed to create a name for itself in the logistics and transportation industry. The firm operates as a 3rd party provider in 32 countries, serving over 50,000 customers. Its main headquarters are in Greenwich, CT in America and Lyon, France in Europe. The company invests heavily in tech advancements – one of the reasons it can offer superior services year after year. It primarily focuses on automation, robotics, visibility and customer service.  XPO Logistics is also known to offer timely and affordable services.

DHL Supply Chain 

DHL is another giant company that offers premium logistic services. The company allows firms to focus on their core business, while they handle all the cataloguing and shipping processes all over the globe. DHL boasts of ready-to-go solutions that save companies a lot of money, time and other resources. In 2017, the company is said to have raked in revenue of $68.31 billion. The company also continues to increase its global output, making it one of the firms that have extensive global coverage. It is also one of the companies that is certified as a top employer. 

UPS Supply Chain Solutions 

With operations in more than 120 countries, UPS was developed to help companies manage the flow of goods from receiving, storage, order processing and shipment. The company has solid distribution solutions that allow customers to reduce costs, scale-up and remain competitive in their respective industries. The firm also delivers eFulfillment so that clients do not have to hold inventory, pick, pack or even ship. UPS offers its expert services to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, e-commerce, hi-tech, healthcare, industrial and retail. The company continues to connect the world through its innovative driven and people-led services.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services 

J.B. Hunt Transportation Services is a trucking and transportation service firm. It has fast grown to become one of the largest logistics companies in America. The company offers professional Dedicated Contract Services, Intermodal and Integrated Capacity Solutions segments. The firm that owns over 12,000 trucks mostly operates in continental Canada, the US and Mexico. They do well in the delivery of perishable goods because they have invested in temperature-controlled solutions like refrigerated trucks. The company that was founded back in 1961 by Johnni Bryan Hunt collects billions of dollars in revenue annually and has thousands of employees for smooth running operations.


This is a very popular name in the European courier express market and rightfully so. The company has managed to establish more than 42,000 pickup points in different parts of the globe. In the UK alone, they boast of 2, 500 pickup points that allow clients to easily access their services. They also focus on green and clean delivery as a way of looking after the environment. Over the years, they have also earned numerous awards for their services.


This is a household name for anyone looking for a top British logistics company. It specializes in the provision of superior supply chain solutions for various brands. The firm has more than 200 locations in the UK and Ireland and has been faithfully meeting the needs of its clients for decades. To ensure they deliver exceptional services, the company owns thousands of vehicles that facilitate effective transportation, distribution and delivery. It also has warehousing space so that clients do not have to worry about storage. The company does not discriminate as it offers top-grade services to small and big businesses.


This is yet another leading multinational shipping carrier and package delivery company. It takes care of regular postal deliveries as well as warehousing and distribution needs for various industries. FedEx also throws in reverse logistics and freight forwarding, which is enabled by a unique supply chain technology that combines real-time tracking software and a warehouse management system. The company was in the front-line regarding the development of express distribution to offer reliable, rapid and time-definite delivery to over 220 countries and territories. They continually invest in expansion in Europe, opening up chances for people to access different solutions that allow them to benefit from business opportunities in Europe and beyond.