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Marketing and health have a closer relationship than it appears. In fact, many advertising campaigns are aimed at improving health habits, giving advice for people to be able to maximize their health. Thus, along these lines, we’ll discuss how this technique influences well-being and the so-called healthy world.
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The influence of marketing on health

How can marketing influence new health habits? This is a question many people ask themselves, but the truth is that eating habits have been changing in recent years to become what we have nowadays. This has been fostered by companies which have been promoting the benefits of leading a healthy life. Now, how did we get here and what influence have marketing techniques had on our habits?

It all started with market research which found that people weren’t eating so well, which led to an increase in diseases such as obesity or pain derived from a sedentary lifestyle. Then it was time to start preparing campaigns which change these habits and make people lead a healthier lifestyle.

Moreover, this change doesn’t only mean that companies want people to have a healthier life, but also public bodies. Therefore, private companies walk hand in hand with the public sector to become stronger with the influence of good habits for society.

Here we also emphasize nature as a key point, necessary to explain the reason behind this trend, since bad habits were leading to a decline in natural resources. Therefore, these campaigns also influence people to see that they must contribute individually to create a group which supports nature, which is after all what provides us with the food we then eat.

Well-being and healthy tips

All this research directs us towards the need to change our lifestyle habits, and this is where companies begin to sell their healthy products using advertising and sales techniques adapted to well-being. That is to say, they’ve changed their products and made them healthier, but they have to find the specific message for people to buy them.

Thus, marketing works to make us see that we must change our lifestyle habits and gives us advice on how to get healthy products from certain brands. For example, one of the first products which helped to improve health was fiber yogurts or drinks which lowered cholesterol.

This was the beginning, but this process has moved so quickly that nowadays we see vegetable burgers, fruit-filled diets and even shops and supermarkets specializing in healthy diets. That is to say, marketing has not only made us see the importance of being in good health, but with the help of nature, it has led it to invent new lifestyles, such as being vegan.

The balance between mind and body

These marketing studies also highlighted the importance of following a good diet and the possibility of relying on expert nutritionists to help us eat more healthily. In this way, nutrition is also another concept which must be highlighted and which has managed to obtain a greater number of customers thanks to marketing, with well-being and good nutrition as the focus of its activity.

In the same way, the importance of acquiring new habits is related to the need for balance between mind and body. In other words, marketing not only refers to the need to eat well, but also to the relevance of doing sport to encourage a good mind-body state, since everything is part of our body.

However, marketing has been key so that today we see new lifestyles supported by good nutrition and respect for and contribution to the environment. As we’ve seen, this tool is an issue to be taken into account in order to reach the current situation, since without the previous research, the information to change past habits and do everything possible to modify them for the ones we have nowadays wouldn’t have been obtained.

In summary, marketing is an essential tool which contributes to social change and acts as a clear influencing factor for people to change their habits. This applies to health habits, but it’s something we can see with any advertising and sales campaign nowadays.