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With the new apps and websites out there, it has never been easy to save money on great products. You can opt to use any of the coupons that these websites use (at your own risks. Sometimes, the offers are expired, or the website wasn’t legit. Not Sleepopolis. Using the website Mattress Coupon Guy, you can get mattresses from numerous companies.

About Coupon Sites Compared to Mattress Coupon Guy

Some coupon codes require you to click a link in order to get the “coupon”. When you see this, it’s usually because the manufacturer actually has this product on sale on their website. It will take you to the manufacturer’s page (if you don’t want to lose the MattressCouponGuy page you are on, you may want to right-click the link, then left-click “Open in a new tab or window” since the links don’t do this.

Mattress Guy doesn’t only offer coupons and discounts for mattresses, but also for other products which promote and are meant to help you get a good night’s rest. Why do they do this? Because their mission is to help customers choose the right items to help them, because sleep is important.

Who’s the Owner?

The content writer and director, Guy Mattress reviews new products each and every week, and he does all the marketing comparisons, as well as provides video tutorials and guides for the website. He is an honest person, who wants to make sure that users can see everything about a product when he tests them. He’s tested over 100 different mattresses, so he has the knowledge to back up his words.

The website also allows you to submit promo codes and discount codes that you find as a visitor of the website, something that a lot of them don’t do. He takes them all into account. He also has a lot of knowledge of not only sleep, standard items and mattresses, but also the all-in-one mattresses you can simply unbox (known as “bed-in-a-box”).

Extra Info about

The team members at Mattress Coupon Guy love sleep. So much so, that they want to share their mission of their own sleep with other people, so they study not only the subject of sleep very deeply, but by constant product testing, and they create a ton of stuff for people.  Their website is backed by expert physicians and psychologists, who specialize in the fields of our nocturnal hibernation practices. The company and website is based in Brooklyn, New York, and have a strong media presence on social media outlets such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

So Where are the Codes?

In this particular article, we’re inspecting Mattress Coupon Guy. So without further ado, here is how to find them. On the top right of the navigation menu, you can left click on “Coupons”.  When you click a manufacturer’s link on the list, then you will be taken to the manufacturer page and you should see on the top of the page (or somewhere on the content) that if you use the code, you can get your savings when you order online