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Children who have everything get bored easily of gifts they receive. They have so many physical things to fill their time. Besides, the surprise factor is long gone, in their case, since they receive new, interesting things regularly. Research shows that after a while, the human brain gets used to new belongings. The excitement disappears, and what we know as adaptation occurs.

Most gifts that will show up in their toy chest will become boring in a matter of days. So, what can you give them to keep them thrilled and engaged? 

You can try to find more meaningful gifts and ways to make them interesting repeatedly. You can also try to teach them new ways to play and interact with what they already have. Forget trinkets, toys, and small gadgets that lose their shine in a matter of days. We have better suggestions. 

Monthly fun boxes

Monthly subscription boxes are regular today. You can get one for about anything you can think of. For children, you will find anything from science monthly subscription boxes to arts and crafts, and so on. For kids who have everything and receive gifts frequently, this gift idea is more flexible and enjoyable.  Plus, it’s educational when chosen with this in mind. These boxes come tailored with every kid’s age in mind – and with their interests, as well! Toddles, pre-schoolers, and teens, you will find the perfect box out there on the web. They cost, on average, $10 or maybe a little above. But your kid will be thrilled to run to the mail when they get one!

Send them mail – And teach them how to answer back

Write a fun letter to them. Children today don’t receive mail. Sending them letters regularly will help them exercise their reading and writing skills. Teach then about hand written communication, especially because they are likely to never encounter letters too soon, without your help. Apart from letters, include in their mail educational magazines, colouring books, if they’re young enough for them, maybe small educational games.

When children are too young to read the letters on their own, give them a hand. Then, teach them how to properly answer to letters. Where the sender’s and the recipient’s addresses should be, what a stamp is, and how to properly use it. They will learn plenty from such gifts. Plus, you will bond a closer and more meaningful relationship with your kids!

Show them the world and help them discover new things every day

Parents who travel a lot can think about sending their children postcards from their trips. This is a pleasant surprise, no matter the kids’ age. Plus, you will help them discover the world! Pick postcards from the airport or from gift shops, maybe send them trinkets, and make their day when they receive your packages.  

To complete the gift, consider buying a map or a globe. This will help your kid keep track of the places you’ve been to and will encourage them to seek this type of entertainment when they grow older.  Besides, they will learn some geography, they will grow interested in different cultures and customs from all over the globe, and they will expand their horizons!

With another occasion, include a scrap book. This way, they can collect all postcards you’re sending when on your trips!

Practical gifts make the best gifts

When kids have all a series of toys and gadgets to fill their time with, physical gifts are unlikely to bring them joy. For instance, many families don’t have meaningful conversations anymore. To bring your kid the gift of conversation, get creative and use some resources you have lying around your home. Turn a mason jar into your family’s conversation jar. You can fill it with conversation starter notes.

This idea is perfect for families with teenage children. This way, you will get more than one-worded answers from them. Plus, you will get to know them better! Families with small children can make these conversation starters more appealing and entertaining by decorating the notes with stickers for occasions. You will find multiple solutions online, and your children will love them! Plus, these stickers are great for crafts and fun projects. You will find them plenty of uses.

Monthly one-on-one dates with your kid

Time is the most valuable resource we have. Sadly, parents rarely get to interact with their kids closer, in this day and time. Ensure you take your kids once a month on a one-on-one date in their favourite place. It will help you get closer to them, have meaningful conversations, and learn more about their passions and preferences.  

Besides, children love having one-on-one time with the most important person in their life! And, believe it or not, you are and will always be that person!

Prepare 12 different envelopes and label them with the months. Insert a card with a place and activity you will do together, to make things more entertaining, and raise your child’s anticipation of the big day.

Teach them a skill you have

Passing down skills and aptitudes you have to your children can be one of the biggest gifts you can offer them. You could offer to teach them a foreign language, something about personal finances, or even baking. Such activities will prepare your kids for the outside world, and they will be forever grateful you thought of teaching them what you know. Wrap this present as coupons. Write the skill you will teach your kids, and the time you plan the activity. They will love it.

Offering physical gifts with every occasion can be counterproductive. Especially kids who already have it will appreciate more the time spent with you and the lessons you give them. They will appreciate small gestures more than they appreciate physical gifts.

Mix and match the ideas below, and you will have a healthier relationship with them. Plus, they will learn something new every day, they will develop stronger communication skills, and they will expand their horizons.