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What a time it is to have a flutter online. 

Online gambling has never been easier, more accessible and for the most part, more rewarding, with so many ways to have fun and gamble online across several online casinos across the world. The casino has well and truly translated itself into this modern realm of technology and innovation, growing as a platform and an industry in the online world.

But casino classics are still to be found all over the place, with some of your favourite gambling pastimes not only existing online, but thriving on the internet thanks to new possibilities, better graphics and an online, interactive experience that improves year on year. 

Two of the most popular formats for a game in an online casino, are slots machines and blackjack. Both household names in the casino world, the one adaptions have only got more and more people playing these timeless games.

The unpredictability of online slots with their ambitious themes and potentially massive wins, brings plenty of people to the reels. Whilst the age-old card game of blackjack demands coolness, cleverness and a sense of risk and reward, that have players coming to the tables just as they have done for generations.

But which one is better? We have put the two games up against each other, weighing up the positives and weaknesses of each.

Which game has the most variety? 

This one is no contest we’re afraid, as the nature of online slot games allows them to be a format which can be reworked, redesigned and reimagined at will.

Whereas Blackjack will always be resigned to a dealer on a table, online slots can go to places far and wide and even beyond the universe, as unique themes intertwine with narrative to provide a compelling online slot game experience. With themes as classic as Luck o’ the Irish or as farfetched as outer space adventures or a zombie apocalypse, you cannot beat the variety of an online slot gam.

Luck vs skill?

 Whilst the element of luck is a huge part of gambling, there is something very satisfying about being able to use your own skill or your own knowledge to win a cash prize.

Whilst slot machines are, for the most part, completely random, blackjack entails an element of skill and foresight that makes it an attractive game for a mature gambler. You need to bet more often, weigh up the odds and above all else, beat the dealer in this classic card game. This makes it a more appealing game for some.

And your winner is… 

Well, in fairness, how can we decide a winner?

Both game formats are so different, even if they do exist so close to each other on casinos online and offline and even if they do hopefully provide the same result of some cash winnings.

Our advice would be that, if you like the randomness and unpredictable nature of gambling, then opt for the online slot. If you fancy yourself as a card shark, opt for blackjack. And gamble responsibly either way!