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Cycling is still the best sports for the training of bones and muscles and keeping the body in shape. It is incredibly beneficial that the fitness experts invented indoor cycling to do it at home. Pedaling half an hour is good enough to keep you fit improving cardiovascular health, muscles and joints. It promotes blood flow and refines thinking. It is best for the artists, musicians and writers think out of the box and bring creative ideas for their master pieces. If you want to do brainstorming, want to have innovative idea for the project or seeking for a solution to your problem, pick a bicycle and go out. Just make it secure as Ladah Law Firms advice on safe cycling.

It is proved that it will make you sleep better and boost the mood. You can be a smart thinker with improved memory and prevent heart diseases, depression and other serious problems. Get out in the streets and make new friends on the road from the area that is great for your social life. Learn about the best apps that will be your partner throughout the route for you being professional.


Strava is probably the most popular all over the world. This sport cycling app is designed for the athletes to track the cycling and monitor the performance. It is compatible for Apple and Android mobile phones available free to download but require a small amount of monthly premium. It is also called social network for athletes.


It is best for tracking many other activities also, other than cycling. It has the maps, graphs, announcements and much more for the outdoor training. This app also works for walking, running, skating and skiing. Apps supporting sports activities can make you a professional cyclist competing with others. It is totally free and available at Apple and Google Play Store.

Map My Ride

Another free app for the cyclists offers you a number of routes in the app. It will encourage you for cycling and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is a specialized app for making route for your cycling. It makes a picture of your overall performance and fitness and keeps a complete record. Download and use it for free from Apple store or Google Play Store.

Santander Cycles

If you are planning to start cycling to a place and you are never been there before, Santander Cycles is the solution to your problem with the maps and updates. It is secure and makes the process easy and quick. It sends live updates to the users, so download it for your iPhone or Android mobile and enjoy traveling through cycling. It is free.

Bike Gear Calculator

The partner of your journey Bike Gear Calculator is perfect for cycling that is great for improving overall experience. It defines your journey and calculates how long you will travel, based upon the gear and pedal rotation. It works finding the best alternative for the gear. It is available at Apple and Android app store with a little amount.

Bike Doctor

The app is specifically developed for fixing the bike yourself with the help of simple and easy instructions. The app gives you step by step directions to detect and solve them by your own if the mechanic is not available. This is the ultimate solution for all the common problems with your cycle. This is the doctor of your bike that is available on all platforms like Apple Store, Google Play Store and Amazon. This app is really helpful so charge you some amount.

Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness is brilliant and track heart rate also. It has the speed sensor, GPS and fitness tracker and it is free. Download it for iOS or Android and enjoy cycling.