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The greenery of trees around your house or workplace is the biggest advantages because of their shadow and natural environment. Growing a tree requires patient and regular efforts, but sometimes they also turn into a hazard. If a tree has grown near the wall and its huge size becomes a threat to your nearby property, you must find some permanent solution.  The situation goes more complicated if your house is located in wind or cyclones prone areas where large size trees near the residential property are threats. Here only a professional arborist can help. They hold adequate experience regarding how to cut the branches, crown or the entire tree from root safely. Below are some tasks that only an arborist can perform perfectly.

1) Large Branches Removal

A fully grown tree has large branches that occupy nearby space like rooftop and garage. In case, if the frailness of large branches become a threat to your rooftop, car or any other property, only arborists can help by removing them safely. They have adequate equipment to reach the altitude and cut down the weak branches safely. The main aim of an arborist is to minimise the damage that may occur due to the falling of branches.

2) Entire Tree Removal

Sometimes, situations occur when the entire tree becomes a threat and you need to remove it from the base. It is a much difficult task as compared to the branch removal because of the heavyweight. Arborists first remove the branches then harness the trunk in a manner that it falls down in a safe place after cutting. A little bit of fault in controlling the direction may result in huge damage to your property. Therefore, it is essential to hire arborists for such kind of issues rather than any DIY method.  

3) Stump Removal

Stump of a tree does not cause any harm, but it is the toughest part of a tree to remove. Especially, when the tree is mature and its roots are penetrated deep beneath the earth. Their removal is only possible with special skills and tools that you can get from an arborist. They inspect the stump to get an estimate regarding its deepness and toughness to conclude a suitable method for implementation. Some of the most common techniques that an arborist implements for stump removal are:-

  •    Rot with high-nitrogen substance
  •    Burn the stump
  •    Grinding
  •    Chemical Filling
  •    Rooting out by pulling with vehicle

4) Tree Pruning

Arborists are also known as tree surgeons and this is the main reason. They know how to make a safe cut on tree branches, so that remaining tree does not get affected. The main aim of pruning is to protect the tree from infectious diseases. If a branch is dying or dead due to infection, they identify the issue and cut it down. In orchards, pruning is an essential process because it improves the crop size as well as yield too. It is also helpful in improving the overall appearance of a tree and allowing adequate light to all leaves.

These are some tasks that require experience because one wrong step can ruin the entire tree or the nearby property too. Even unsafe cutting of trees nearby residential property can also become a potential threat to the people. Therefore, it is advisable to prefer the professionals of Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery Pty Ltd or other certified service provider rather than implementing your own DIY tricks. Also, check the license of arborist’s agency before hiring them to ensure the safety.