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Social media has been a one of the root causes in providing incentive stimulus during the unfavorable conditions of inimical time. Through the use of social media common fellows from each and every part of the world is now all aware and closely connected with the news update related to this pandemic. As today in the twenty -first, it has been common for everyone to use social media sources.

 Directing against health measurements  

 As a matter of principle, social media is one of the used platforms which is playing an active role in defining the nature of Covid-19. including all the precautionary measurements inclusive of social distancing to make a distance of at least six feet, other pronouncements like not to leave homes. It has been also emphasizing on the injunctions of hygiene by implementing the significance of using face masks, washing one’s hands frequently with hand sanitizers, and avoid touching contemplated surfaces and so forth health related directives. Concerning the condition where we aren’t directly connected with medical staff. Moreover, today the use of social media is also increasing because of the business purposes. As it is all efficient in spreading the upto date news by both employees and employers. To keep the business activities all smooth.

Untrustworthy sources

The use of Mobile Phones has been an indispensable part in connecting with social media sources. But all in all where social media is proving awareness on the subject of coronavirus. There has also been fake news, untrustworthy sources, where the most of the resources aren’t revealing the truth as mainly the governmental organizations are controlling them. Where there is still a doubt that how many Corona patients are there in one’s country somehow the social media isn’t playing fair in most of the cases. 

There are so forth news which aren’t completely genuine. As a matter of fact, the entry barrier of most of the sites are easier to break therefore it becomes all easier for the general public to make-up whatever news they like. 

Trepidation of unnecessary buying

The wave of uncertainty is also spreading through social media where incomplete governmental orders are provided to the public. One of the examples of such uncertainty is trepidation of unnecessary buying where social media is spreading the fear of scarcity of food. Alarming the public to accumulate the food as much as they could because unavailability is possible and moreover none of us know what might happen to other day. 

Increasing consumer economy 

Nowadays social media has been becoming a product of mere advertising. Where the brands are unnecessarily exaggerating like KN95 Supplier, and the other face masks suppliers, cosmetic manufacturers, they all are emphasizing the use of their products, face masks, hand sanitizers, hygienic products and so forth objects to use them more than necessary. 


All in all social media has always been a medium of source which always delivers the views of the general public to the governmental bodies. Where it seems the governmental, public and business organizations are becoming a helping hand in providing food, shelter and other necessary requirements for needy ones. 

 Today’s the aspects of its diameter are increasing to another level. Where the international world, countries are helping other countries by providing aids.