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There are a few terms and some vocabulary that you will want to get your head around when playing casino slots with free spins. If you are looking to improve your gambling knowledge and become a master of slot games, then you will want to get a grasp of this terminology. Below we will go through some of the main terms behind slot games in this simple guide.

RTP meaning (Return to Player)

RTP (return to player) is a vital part of playing online slots. This means the amount of times you can see a win on a reel, it refers to the average pay-out of a title.  To understand your odds of winning, you will want to know the RTP of the games you are playing on to increase your chances.

If you are looking at an RTP of 97% or over, you have a good chance of winning money from the machine. However, if the RTP falls below 94% you are looking at a bad RTP and you want to stray away from machines with low ones like this. This is some important information that you should bear in mind if you are looking at playing casino slot games.

RNG (Random Number Generator)

RNG is a common term when referring to slot games and means random number generator. This is the system on which slot machines operate, it works by making sure that when you spin the reels the symbol generated is random. Slot machines would not work without an RNG and it is a important part to understanding the games you are playing.

Modern day slot machines use a complex RNG’s and their computers calculate a massive amount of numbers to stop people from cheating and ensure the outcome is totally random. Because of this, casino slot machines have done well as an invention and people are able to have a great time spinning and winning away. This is some information that you should find helpful if looking into the meaning of an RNG.

What are slot paylines?

it is important to develop an understanding of what slot paylines are when heading to play a slot game. This is because they are how you win the most money out of slot machines. They are what decides what the winning combination of items is and have become more and more advanced over the years.

Some games offer up to 50 paylines, however, most slot games only have one payline and will show you directly what combination you need to hit to win. So, if you are looking to win big when playing casino slot games make sure you get a look at the payline before playing! We hope that you have found this information useful and it has helped you develop a better understanding of playing slot games.