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Seedboxes have more benefits than just downloading and uploading files. Here are a few reasons why you should get a seedbox.

Improve anonymity

People using seedbox can download or upload items anonymously using torrent. Despite BitTorrent being completely legal, ISPs and copyright officers are always searching for public IPs that use the BitTorrent protocol.

With the help of seedboxes, users can avoid getting into trouble. Using your home IP is very risky. But then, with the help of seedboxes, with a different public IP from another country, you can avoid this risk. Your ISP will only see web browsing activity allowing you get to do your business. For additional security, you can download all your content to your personal computer using a safe protocol such as SFTP or HTTPS.

Time for other activities

Having to wait for a file to finish downloading can be very tiresome. Owning a seedbox enables one to download files they want and leave it running. People can later copy the data without having to be online and wait for the files to complete the download.

Protect your hard drives

A seedbox is built with robust hardware capable of running 24/7 operation without the need to be shut down. You’ll be able to protect your computer.  

Access restricted file

Schools and workplaces prohibit people from using torrents. With the help of a seedbox, you can download your data and use them later at home. Seedboxes have available web browser-based management which helps you manage and download your files conveniently and remotely.

Streaming of video files

Seedbox can host manifest media files. You can get Plex seedboxes or pre-install KODI to help you sort your favorite video content in beautiful libraries. You can also watch the videos directly from your seedbox by streaming it from a streamer or your web browser.

Cheap storage

As technology keeps advancing, developers are finding ways to stay on the market. Seedbox companies keep growing their storage capabilities. A seedbox, therefore, can provide that additional storage you need for your local machine.

Gain membership

In certain communities, you’ll need to own certain items before being accepted as a member. In private communities, it’s essential that your ratio or standing should meet certain standards. To maintain this standard, you can increase and sustain your rate through seeding torrents without having to be online all day long.

Circumvent bandwidth throttling

Intent service providers (ISP) have limited resources. Often, a large number of users who use a big part of their bandwidth quickly overflows ISPs powerful routers. To save on supplies, ISPs will shape any traffic that’s using a large portion of their bandwidth pipe. Once they recognize the port, they will develop its traffic, resulting in a slow speed of less than 10%.

Seedboxes are created to avoid bandwidth throttling imposed by ISPs, allowing users to access sites like BitTorrent.

Host websites

Because they are fast and reliable remote servers, seedboxes help people to host a website. For those that know how to deploy their web server, using a seedbox is a much cheaper alternative to web hosting.