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One of the toughest parts about gambling online is not choosing how much to bet, how to gamble or even how to take a loss. One of the hardest things about gambling online in choosing where to bet and who with.

There are oh so many online casino providers and websites that you can gamble with, meaning that the choice, although brilliant, can often be a bit overwhelming at times. Every casino seems to offer something different like playing online slots no deposit and, although they all might look the same or at least similar, there are definitely advantages to betting with certain places over others.

One such advantage that online casino providers like to get over one another is through their welcome offers and sign up bonuses. These are hugely important for the brands in question, as they fight for your custom, doing so with these tempting and possibly very profitable bonuses. So make sure you choose the right one! 

Here we explain what a welcome bonus or sign up offer is and show some of the best welcome offers that we know of. 

What is a casino welcome offer? 

A welcome offer from a casino, often known as a sign up bonus depending on where you go, is a temporary, limited offer for new customers who want to sign up as a member to the casino in question. These offers are now common practice for online casinos and are a method of getting people in, signed to the casino, with the view of the new member making bets with that casino from then on. 

There are so many out there and they can come in the shape of free spins, are bets up to a certain amount and many other ways. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each of them before signing up, as there are often factors to consider. 

120 Free Spins on Starburst with Party Casino 

While Party Casino might not be the best known casino brand out there, they certainly have one of the best offers at the moment. Starburst is an incredibly popular slot game, one of the most played online slots of all time and not without good reason. 

You are guaranteed 120 free spins on this legendary game at the moment with Party Casino. 

Slots Baby: The Welcome Offer 

Slots Baby is a go-to website if you like slot games and their long running welcome offer is extremely groovy. Players can get up to 150 free spins when signing up to use on one of their brilliant slot games available and, as well as this, you could also win Amazon vouchers when you sign up. 

A unique welcome offer that works a bit like a raffle, this is well worth signing up for and starts the fun right away at Slots Baby, with the prizes coming thick and fast. With great slots on offer, there are several reasons to sign up at Slots Baby and the welcome bonus is just one of them.