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The internet and its subsequent technologies have changed every dimension of modern life. What was once merely a means to transfer information has evolved into a network of smart devices. Entire homes can be managed from a smartphone, from changing a thermostat to unlocking doors! If you’re looking to modernize your home’s tech, consider starting with your kitchen. Whether you’re a diehard home chef or you’re just looking to brew coffee from your smartphone, upgrading from analog to digital is sure to make your culinary experience more enjoyable.

If you’re passionate about a masterfully cooked meal, you’ll know how important a good stove is. A kitchen appliance for you isn’t a tool; it’s a canvas. Your refrigerator isn’t a place to store ingredients; it’s the gateway to an adventure. With the masterfully crafted smart appliances from Dacor, you’ll find cutting edge technology blended with superior performance. The technology available is nearly unbelievable. With Dacor, you can control your oven’s temperature from your smartphone! Hands dirty from mixing dough? Simply tap the refrigerator to open the door. How many times have you forgotten to turn on the range hood, only to end up with a smoke-filled kitchen? With a Bluetooth-connected range hood, the fan turns on right when the burner fires up.  

If you’re serious about wine, consider a wine station. High-end wine stations dispense on command via touchscreen controls. With wine’s sensitive temperature range, carefully chilling or storing your favorite bottle can be a challenge, so it’s worth investing in technology that can store it at optimum temperatures.

If a total remodel isn’t on your agenda, upgrading even the simplest of appliances is possible. Wi-Fi receivers can turn that old toaster or coffee pot into a smart device. With a bit of ingenuity, anything can be controlled from the power of your smartphone. Many companies offer simple technologies that will vastly improve your culinary experience. Sick of trying to slice through cold butter? With a battery-powered hot knife, you’ll never have spread anxiety again. Wi-fi enabled smart receivers can be programmed to interact with not only your smartphone but with other appliances as well! With a few simple upgrades, you’ll be able to brew coffee from the warmth of your bed and even engage some window cleaning!

It’s clear to see that smart kitchen technologies are absolutely brilliant. Gone are the days of ticking timers and sticky dials. If you’re wanting more freedom in the kitchen, consider upgrading your old appliances. Imagine impressing your guests with the modern style of a wine dispenser or the novelty of a warm butter knife. The future is here, and it’s happening right now.