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The coronavirus is now a pandemic that has affected over 210,000 people. Almost 9,000 deaths related to this have also been reported and over a hundred countries are affected by this. Many industries are now on scrambles as this continues to affect how people live their lives.

The sports industry is greatly affected by this pandemic as many of the major leagues have already called off the rest of its season and the start of the season for some. Recently, the NBA has already announced the cancellation of the rest of its scheduled matches because of reports that some of the players have already tested positive of the virus.

Many other matches and tournaments of other sports are also called off. The English Premier League has already postponed the remaining of its matches as some of the people involved in the tournament also tested positive of the virus.

The Indian Premier League, one of the most-awaited cricket tournaments each year, has also already announced that it won’t start until April 15. It was originally scheduled to start on March 29, but as a precautionary measure, the Board of Control for Cricket in India or the BCCI has decided to put this off for now.

With the cancellation of these matches comes the struggle of sportsbooks. This just really means that people don’t have a lot to wager on anymore and punters are just really sad about it. However, bookies are still finding ways to keep the betting business alive as we face the pandemic.

Online bookies are now offering quirky lines to wager on. People can now wager on the weather, what song will be sung on the season finale of American Idol, the possible result of the presidential election, and even on who will be evicted next on Big Brother this season.

It’s something that can help punters cope with the lack of betting in the next few weeks or months. Countries like Turkey and South America still have many sports matches scheduled so there are still a few options left for the people, for sure.

For now, bettors can still look forward to the Turkish top-division basketball, Australian rules football, American soccer, hockey matches in Russia and minor league women’s golf. It’s been reported that as soon as odds for these come up, it’s easily wiped out as well. Punters appear to be really desperate to wager on something.

Aside from wagering on unusual events and the remaining sports that are still scheduled to push through, people can still gamble on many online casino sites. As sports leagues cancel some of its matches, online casino operators have been experiencing spikes in their traffic.

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It is expected that more people will be switching to playing online casino games as the sports industry pause for a bit because of what’s happening. Land casino players are also most likely to turn to online casinos as many of these places are now ordered to close by governments worldwide.

European bookmakers are in crisis as almost all of the biggest matches in European countries are now called off. It’s really the Swedish operators that don’t heavily rely on sports betting that are not that affected.

This shows that more people in Europe are now playing online casino games even if there are still land casinos open in the continent. UK’s Betting and Gaming Council has recently reported that the traffic on land-based casinos is down by as much as 90 percent. These places are now facing around 60 percent of decline in revenues.

This just makes sense as WHO announced that Europe is now the center of the pandemic. More and more Europeans are getting affected by the virus and it is quickly spreading all throughout Europe. Italy is specifically hit hard by this problem. The country now has over 35,000 cases with total deaths of 2,978. 

Many states in the US, the majority of the European countries, parts of Asia, and many other countries are now instructing people to stay at home to control the spread of the virus. This means that will be many people who will keep on looking for ways to entertain themselves during the quarantine period. For now, it’s just really safer do things online while at home.