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Kodi offers the best addons, but recently it’s been going through downtime. The Kodi users are facing backlash as their favorite’s shows are being missed and they demand some answers to the closure of Kodi repositories. This can only mean an end to free content, but this is not the case as the second option is finding a successor and this successor is none other than stremio which is very similar to Kodi, but its addon is free from blocking.

Best Stremio addon are 


Everyone loves Netflix and would love to stream from Netflix. Netflix is an official stremio addon, and you can stream from Netflix without buffering with just a login.


An alternative to Youtube, Dtube has the features likes Youtube; it allows its users to upload, watch, comment, and share the videos.

There’s the3rd party addon, and these are the best stremio addons 

Juan Carlos 

You will be presented with a variety of wide selection of free content and entertainment options. Juan Carlos is a torrent website and allows free streaming of movies and show; this is a stremio addon 


This is one of the best addons as it is known as the best torrent sites for tv shows and videos. RARBG is one of the best torrents and has a lot to offers; hence, anyone who buys a stremio addon will likely love the RARBG addon.

 Popcorn time

This offers the best HD streaming services, and once you’ve added the stremio addon you can stream many videos and show for free this offers one of the best services. There is free VPN for popcorn time

The pro and cons of stremio addon  


  1. One of the best features of this addon is that the interface is easy to use. There are several other addons, but the interface could be tricky, but the stremio addon is easy to use, and therefore it’s the most likable addon after Kodi.
  2. The second best feature of this addon is that it is functional on the iPad mini, this addon is very fast, and it uploads all the data within seconds.
  3. The streaming is smooth and without any buffering. There are several other addons, but their streaming is really bad, but the stremio is smooth, and you should consider getting this addon. 


There are no cons on this addon, and it functions smoothly, and this should be considered second best only to Kodi.


This addon is second best to Kodi, and it is an option you should consider. Streaming from this addon is easy, and it offers a lot of features. There are several free contents, and if you are a fan of streaming this is an addon for you 


Finally, as you can see, there are no cons for this addon, it is really good, and this addon is advisable for use as suppose to any other addon. There are several options, but if you want the best, then this is the addon for you.