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There are many different things you can do on an RV road trip. Besides driving and viewing the natural beauty around you, you can also go camping, hiking, biking, fishing, rafting, swimming, and play a variety of fun games and activities.

Something else you can do as well is to attend sporting events en route to your destination. Or, perhaps the event itself is your destination.

Either way, there are several different kinds of sports that you can stop by to watch on your RV trip, and we’re going to talk about three of them here.

Here are the three best kinds of sporting events to attend on your RV trip:

1 – College Football Game

Attending a college football game can be even more fun if it’s your alma meter.

Some universities even prepare specifically for RV travelers and have areas set up where you can park your RV.

There’s nothing like the energy of a crowd of raving fans at a college football game, and besides watching the game itself, you can also enjoy some excellent food and before or afterwards explore the surrounding area.

2 – Car Racing

Auto racing is another excellent sport to watch on your RV trip. Just as colleges will often prepare for RV travelers to stop by to watch a football game, most auto racing tracks will also have places reserved for RVs as well. You may even be able to watch the race from the comfort of your RV rather than taking a seat in the actual stadium.

You’ll definitely need to reserve far ahead of time in order to get a prime spot with the best amenities (though you’ll also have to pay a higher price tag).

While live football games are certainly an experience, auto races such as NASCAR are arguably even more so. You’ll become immersed in the roar of the crowds and the engines, and smell the grills lighting up to cook burgers and hotdogs. In essence, being at a NASCAR race is like being a part of a giant outdoor party.

Racing season is from February to November, and there are auto tracks all over the country from one coastline to the other.


Rodeos are another sporting activity that are very friendly to RV’ers. From barrel racing to bull riding to a livestock show, rodeos can last for several days if not weeks and are an excellent attraction for RV travelers.

Even if the rodeo grounds itself don’t have parking places for RVs, you’ll almost always be able to find an RV park or campground nearby (along with some excellent country restaurants).

Attending Sporting Events On Your Trip

Attending a sporting event, including any of the three that we have just covered, will be an excellent way to enhance the overall quality of your RV road trip and make it more memorable than it otherwise would have been.