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The Oddsexpert team specializes in Internet betting, which offers great opportunities for obtaining basic or additional income.

Online betting is betting on sports events in bookmakers through the Internet. The game online has a lot of advantages, including: security, privacy, comfort, time saving and most importantly – profitability, because the conditions of bookmakers in the network are much more profitable.

Making bets on sports in online bookmakers, everyone can earn decent amounts without leaving home. And thanks to rates from a mobile phone, you can make wagers far from home: during travel or at work. Betting is more accessible than it seems, and more profitable than you might think.

The Internet has already absorbed a lot today, with its development not only business types, but even whole industries migrated to the online plane. The gambling industry and the gambling industry as a whole has become one of the most popular and most profitable sector in the global Internet.

People all over the world not only make online betting on sports events or online bets at bookmakers and casinos, but also play online in lotto, lotteries and hundreds of other online games.

The Internet has a lot of sites of various casinos and bookmakers offering online betting on sports events or internet betting on roulette, playing poker, and also making an online bet on various slot machines with more than 100 variations of such games online.

The most interesting thing here is that many of these players never once sat in a casino at a real card or poker table, they did not see how the real roulette wheel is spinning and the ball is launched, and also never visited a real bookmaker office, but many such people actively and regularly place online bets on the respective sites and portals of the organizers. Some of them are quite successful and productive game, and most of these online players can give odds to people playing in real casinos and bookmakers.

 Are the benefits of online betting and online games so great that they allow players to achieve stability in winnings and constantly beat casinos and bookmakers? Of course, this is not so, but the fact that online bets in bookmakers or online bets allow you to conduct a more efficient and more profitable game, compared to playing in an off-line game – it’s a fact!


The team of specialists The two most important factors that in our opinion, “move” with such force gambling on the Internet is their accessibility and time savings. By accessibility, one should understand here not only the possibility, having a computer and reaching the age of 18, without having to leave the house to play the game and make online bets on sports events or online casino bets. According to available statistics, most online players make Internet bets not at home, but being at work – at their workplace. Having an Internet on the job site, people get access to the game and at any time can suspend or postpone it for more important or immediate duties.

The second factor of availability was the changes in the legislation of some states, incl. Russia and Ukraine, according to which it was shown, sweepstakes, bookmakers and gambling as a whole were recognized as illegal in the territory of these states. In turn, Internet betting in the casino, roulette and online betting on the sites and portals of various bookmakers, sweepstakes, betting exchanges and casinos is quite legitimate, since these sites and portals are located on the territory of the states and countries where this activity is legislatively regulated, and their organizers have the appropriate licenses. Thus, our citizens completely legitimately bet online in betting shops, casinos or online rates on these sites, without violating the laws of their states.

CONVENIENCE and economy of the most valuable – TIME:

As we noted earlier, the undisputed advantage of online betting or online betting is the ability to play and bet on the job (from your workplace), and also without leaving your home. Thus, online betting offers the opportunity to play your favorite game or to do your favorite thing (hobby) without getting up from your couch or chair, while listening to music, drinking beer and most importantly – working in parallel or doing more important things. After all, you can suspend the game and get distracted at any time.

Change your life for the better and give yourself bright emotions with oddsexpert!