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Birmingham isn’t called “the Magic City” for nothing. From original foods, to fine dining, and even comfort food restaurants, Birmingham has it all. The city has many famous restaurants, is home to some famous celebrities (Ruben Studdard, an R&B/Pop artist and Gospel singer is from the city; another is Helen Keller). But nevertheless, we are more interested in the food of the city, and Birmingham absolutely loves food. There are literally restaurants at almost every turn.

No matter what you are craving, there are so many “best lists” and “best restaurants” that it is impossible to give a truly TOP 5 list. So here is a list of just a handful of the many best restaurants located in Birmingham.

  • Feast & Forest
    This famous homestyle restaurant is one of the most popular hybrid bakery and bistro restaurants (they have a full menu as well) with a local twist. They are extremely popular for many breakfast dishes, and they have plenty of sweet treats.
  • Saws Juke Joint
    Many barbecue restaurants are popular in Birmingham, regardless of barbecue’s Kansas City, Missouri’s origins. There are different restaurants, each with a different menu twist. They all have wonderful desserts, and can offer a taste of local cuisine with their signature dishes.
  • Highlands Bar & Grill
    This is one of the most famous restaurants in Birmingham, and for good reason. This restaurant is backed by a certified master chef, and they are open mainly for dinner and late in the evening. Their food is classified as soul-food with a French twist. This restaurant has won the James Beard Foundation Award 8 times, and offers every type of meat (including venison, which is hard to find at a restaurant). The award winning chef, Frank Stitt, has written cookbooks, and the restaurant has been featured on shows from The Food Network (a very popular American television channel dedicated to food).
  • Chez Fon Fon
    For fine dining with French cuisine, Chez Fon Fon offers a wide delicate taste of Paris, and they do what they can to take you there with their genuine dishes. They offer numerous beverages, and a ton of wine & spirit varieties to choose from. When it’s nice weather, you can even dine outside and play a game of boule (which is similar to a game of dice, and is native to France and Italy).
  • Melt
    For everything cheese, the Melt restaurant has evolved into a wonderful place to eat. The owners got their start from the bottom up; No… Literally. The origin of the restaurant was a food truck, and now they’re a fully fledged restaurant with a wide variety of cheesy dishes, from breakfasts to full blown dinners and sandwich meals which can tantalize your taste buds, but still have a classic southern feel.

As mentioned earlier, these are just five of the top restaurants in Alabama, but some of the most prominent. If you’re ever in Birmingham, don’t pass up an opportunity to visit one of these places, as many of them are the highest rated restaurants in the city.  If you can’t make it to one of these fine establishments, go to and see which places will deliver to your doorstep.