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When choosing a freezer for your home, pay attention to its large selection. It differs not only in its performance (chests, cabinets) but also in its characteristics, capacity, number of boxes and defrosting methods. We have made 2019 the top 10 freezers. The assessment takes into account the advantages and disadvantages of each model based on customer ratings and expert opinions.

Benefits of Mini Freezers:

In 2019, free-standing cabinets will become more and more popular. With such devices, you can fill food in large quantities of frozen berries, vegetables or meat and fish in winter. Frozen foods can hold their nutritional value for a long time, after thawing they will keep the same taste and aroma and all the fresh vitamins and minerals will make you happy. The decision to buy a freezer is a reasonable investment, given the continued rise in food prices and before the winter break. If you do not already have a home refrigerator, we recommend that you buy a useful refrigerator.

So you come to the store or open a website and realize that you have a lot of companies and models of this device. Which freezer is better? In the end, they simply differ in price. Even when reading customer reviews, you may not always know why you are welcoming or yelling at a model. Let’s see which fridge is best for home and for this we have specified best mini freezers according to customer reviews.

5 Best Mini Freezers:

Hansa FS100.3

The freezer measures 56.8x56x84.5 cm. Like all other equipment in the ranking, it is equipped with a compressor. Operation requires R600a gas (isobutane). The 98-litre container is made of plastic and metal. The cover is on top, as are the following four breast models. Electromechanical control. Freeze up to 8 kg of food per day. If there is no electricity, keep it cool for up to 30 hours. Climate SN, T. Level A electricity consumption 164 kWh annual electricity consumption. With antibacterial coating. The defrosting process is performed manually.

Gorenje FH 21 BW

As all models in this review, the camera is 80x70x85 cm white. Chapter 198 l. The house is made of plastic. It is electromechanically controlled. Freezes up to 14 kg per day. Provides 34 hours of cooling. Climate Classes N, T. Energy Efficiency Class B. Consumes up to 395 kWh of energy per year. It has a super gel condition.

Biryusa 355VK

The chest freezer measures 121×66.5x 81.5 cm best for the home automation. The volume is 330 litres. Materials-plastic and metal. Electromechanical control. Can freeze up to 20 kg per day. Suitable for the climate in zone N. Freeze at -18 °. Defrosting in manual mode.


The refrigerator (120x60x82) cm has a capacity of 370 litres. The house is made of plastic and metal. Electromechanical control. Unlike the above models, R134a (HFC) is used. Type of energy consumption A. Defrosting is done manually.

Gorenje FH 40 BW

Freezer (130x70x85 cm) with a capacity of 380 litres (400 litres total volume). Suitcase-plastic / metal. Electromechanical control. You can freeze up to 26 kg of food a day. After disconnecting from the network for up to 38 hours, it is cold. Climate classes N, SN, ST, T. Energy efficiency class B. Consumption of 562 kWh per year. Year. There is a light to open the door. There is a super gel feature. The camera must be defrosted by hand.