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Years and years ago, luxury meant leisure, glamor, and showing off. These days, there’s a more practical side: it’s about making our lives better in every way, not just when we’re relaxing or showing off in public. Luxury items that would have made no sense in the 1700s are now staples of high-class living, and our lives are better for it. The transformation is particularly noticeable in the kitchen, where the high-tech offerings of companies like Dacor and their modernist collection provide tech-forward appliance solutions for the modern entertainer. Hundreds of years ago, nobody thought twice about their kitchen; today, it’s the epicenter of the modern home and innovation hasn’t slowed down one bit! New and improved modern kitchen appliances are arriving all the time.

Luxury has come for your kitchen

Looking back at the decisions of past centuries, it’s hard not to see them as silly. The uber-wealthy elites of the 16th and 17th centuries had more money than they knew what to do with, so they spent it on show-offy gold and velvet accents on their clothes, chairs, and walls. There really weren’t many functional solutions to apply their wealth to.

These days, that sort of thing is seen as more tacky than anything else. We still spend on luxuries, but we focus on the places in which we need them most: the places we work.

David Brooks once observed that it’s considered “egalitarian to spend money on parts of the house that would previously have been used by the servants.” Well, egalitarian or not, it certainly makes sense – because we modern professionals are busy and hard-working, and the rooms we work in are no longer hidden from view or occupied by servants. We’re using them, and we recognize that the best luxuries are the ones that make your life feel better, not just look better.

And so the great kitchen revolution was on. High-end ovens and stoves and ranges began to appear in the kitchens of the wealthy and successful. Beautiful plumbing fixtures and countertops proliferated. These days, the kitchen is the center of any refined modern home. Far from being hidden, it’s now a big stop on a home tour, whether you’re showing off for dinner guests or for MTV’s Cribs.

The ever-changing luxury appliance market

Since modern luxury is more holistic than the old, skin-deep version, it can actually improve with technical innovations – and that means that a luxurious kitchen needs to be a modern kitchen, too.

The designers and engineers behind today’s most luxurious kitchen appliances are here to help with that. Their cutting-edge designs are as functional as they are beautiful. Modern appliances come in classic colors and sleek, space-age metals. They feature intuitive designs that make it easy to navigate their nearly countless options for precision cooking and cleaning. They’re energy-efficient, and they keep you efficient, too, by reducing the work you have to do and making it easy for you to create the meals you want, clean the dishes, or just reheat the leftovers.

Kitchens are centers for work in our home, and that has made them the centers of luxury in modern homes. Yours will function better and improve your life if it’s stocked with the finest luxury appliances on the market.