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As a royal fan of YouTube, I am keen on music videos and love to watch my favorite singer star singing and dancing in that video. However, sometimes I just want to keep that audio part and download YouTube Video to MP3 format. Therefore a powerful and trustful YouTube video to MP3 downloader is all I need. Luckily VidPaw comes in as a best solution for all my needs.

The Reason Why We Need VidPaw:

With the rise of internet videos, the video era is coming. Many people start to form a habit of streaming online videos with high definition. However, it requires you to have a reliable network or your video will keep buffering while streaming, which would be a quite annoying problem.

Hence, compared with taking a long time to load your video or dealing with YouTube video black/green screen error, it’s better to download your YouTube videos directly. That’s why we need a YouTube video downloader. By providing users with the service of downloading YouTube videos to playback offline and converting YouTube videos to MP3 files, VidPaw allows YouTube videos to be played more flexibly whenever we need to stream.

The Roles That VidPaw Plays:

If you only regard VidPaw as a simple YouTube video downloader, then you’d be quite wrong. VidPaw plays more roles than you can imagine. That’s one of the reasons that stand VidPaw out.

YouTube Video to MP3 Downloader & Converter

VidPaw YouTube to MP3 converter provides the easy MP3 conversion of the videos from YouTube. You don’t need to install extra untrusted software or some third-party software for conversion. You can directly use the VidPaw for converting video to MP3. Also, you will have an option to choose the MP3 quality from 64kbps to 320kbps.

YouTube Videos Viewer

This is another surprising design about VidPaw that you should not neglect. With its complete search functionality, you are able to search all YouTube videos and play your favorite one. In addition to streaming online YouTube videos directly, a recommended videos section is there on the right sidebar to help you discover your favorite YouTube videos.

Free Online Video Downloader

Besides serving as a YouTube video downloader, VidPaw also serves as Facebook video downloader, Instagram video downloader, Twitter video downloader and many other popular platforms up to 1,000+. The steps to download these videos remain simple as in case of YouTube Downloader.

The Steps to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 Format:

The operating steps to convert YouTube videos to MP3 on VidPaw are also easy to grasp.

STEP 1. Copy YouTube Video URL
Navigate to YouTube and open one YouTube music video that you want to convert to MP3. In the video page, copy the URL of the YouTube video.

STEP 2. Paste the URL to VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter
In Free Solutions on the navigation bar on VidPaw’s homepage, you can easily find VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter. Then paste the URL of the YouTube video to the conversion bar and select an output quality from the pull-down list.

STEP 3. Convert YouTube to MP3
Click on “Convert” and VidPaw will analyze your URL automatically. When it finishes, a download link will be generated. Hit the “Download” button and your YouTube video will be saved on your devices in MP3 format.

Some features of VidPaw That Are Soon to Be Available:

Constantly improving the quality of products & services and pursuing the best experience of customers are necessary for the modern enterprises. Here are some features of VidPaw that are soon to be available and definitely worth expecting.

To Be Available for Android Users

VidPaw’s newly-launched App for Android is about to come out, which means that with this App Android users can stream and download YouTube videos more smoothly and conveniently. Better try than never!

Stream and Download Online YouTube Videos in One Click

The advent of VidPaw App truly simplifies the steps that we used to take to download YouTube videos. Now the download icon is set near the YouTube video. You can watch and download it in one click.

The bottle line: On the whole, we can see that the mainstream service of online streaming, video to mp3 converter and YouTube video downloader that VidPaw provides with are quick in response. I’ll probably rate 4.5 out of 5 for this useful video to MP3 online site.