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As we know, Bahrain is famous for its stunning beaches, sea views and also for its gorgeous pearls which used in the industry of the most precious jewels in the Gulf countries. You can visit the Kingdom of Bahrain to enjoy water sports and to take a break from everything in your life.

A variety of activities are offered in Bahrain including kayaking, snorkeling, boat sailing, and diving. Here, we introduce you to the best diving sites in the island kingdom

1-Abu Thlama

Abu Thlama is one of Bahrain’s top dive sites and one of the best beaches in Bahrain and, because of its distance from the shore, is considered one of the few that has not been affected by the land reclamation that has killed the coral reefs.

Located nearly 80 km north of Muharraq, you can find a broad variety of tropical fish species, including clown fish as well as magnificent corals, in Abu Thlama beach. This is also one of the deepest diving sites in Bahrain, with depths ranging between 9 and 30 meters beneath the water surface.

The best time to visit Abu Thlama is in the summer mainly from May to November, because the dive boat cannot sail in the rough water.

2-Fasht Najwah

This site is located near Abu Thlama, 50 km north of Muharraq. Fasht Najwah is one of the most visited dive sites in Bahrain, and is actually the most populated site with fish species.

Aquatic life in Fasht Najwah looks exactly like the one found in the Red Sea and the Maldives. For sure, whale sharks should be on the list of things to see for any diver passionate about marine life.


Bahrain is granted by more than 400 square miles of shellfish beds, which have been used for the collection of natural pearls for thousands of years. Shetaya is perfect for divers who are looking for unique adventures and new experience.

Although the fish population inhabiting the area is small, divers are free to pick up as many oysters as their hands can carry. You can keep what you find, meaning this may be one of the few dives in the world on which you can earn some money.

4 Fifi Wreck

Located Southeast of Bahrain’s main island and 25 kilometers east of Al Dar Island, Fifi is a submerged tugboat shipwreck; it has been descended to the depths in 1981, meaning it so far has had 38 years to get a wonderful marine ecosystem.

It is in pretty depthless water – around five meters – meaning it is perfect for PADI (rescue diving) Open Water learners and is a recommended place for nighttime driving. You can find angelfish, shrimp, and baby barracudas as well as stingrays, turtles, and even sea snakes if you are lucky.

Bahrain receives more than four million travelers a year, to enjoy its stunning attractions, museums, the ancient Dilmun civilization monuments, wildlife, water sports, and shopping malls. This ancient land is rich in both culture and history and combines old mosques with the modern skyscrapers and highways.

For all of this and more, visiting Bahrain is an experience that you do not want to miss; there are a lot of travel packages to the kingdom of Bahrain available online for you to choose from according ot your financial capabilities and taste.