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A good VPN is the warranty of your data protection, which is why it’s so important to choose VPN client wisely. We collected three VPN leaders in three categories – the fastest, the strongest, and the cheapest – from which you can select the most suitable service for your needs.

Top VPN clients of 2018

It’s not an easy challenge to choose a single VPN for every area of your life, like work, entertainment, or communication. Different purposes require different characteristics, so it’s not a rare situation when the VPN client you use to chat with your friends abroad is utterly unsuitable for the Internet surfing.

What makes the task even more complicated is the number of new services, which increases every day. Advertisements gladly describe their “exceptional” features, yet, don’t say a word about their flaws, leaving a “pleasant” surprise for customers to reveal after the purchase.

We conducted our research and came up with three popular VPN services, which head the tops of three different categories: the cheapest, the strongest and the fastest. So, without much words, here’s our must-try VPN clients top.

PureVPN review – the strongest

PureVPN is one of the first VPN provider companies that have ever appeared on the market – the company started its work in 2006. This VPN service offers some high-tech solutions for your anonymity protection.

PureVPN supports all the best security protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, and others. It’s a feature made especially for people, who rate the convenience in web surfing profoundly – now they can change the protocols they consider more suitable in each particular situation manually. In addition, PureVPN offers NAT firewall, protection from DDoS attacks and split tunneling – with such “trio” you can be sure that your activity on the Internet is protected substantially.

Many reviewers emphasize the number of functions PureVPN offers to its users, as well as its convenience and nice polite consultants on the company’s website.

ExpressVPN review – the fastest

ExpressVPN is often called one of the best VPN service providers on the market. It’s a pricey option ($13 per month) for users, who want to drain all the potential from their virtual private networks.

The service has everything a person might need, aside from the basic VPN features. For example, many users are aware of the accidental IP address leaks, which might occur when the computer connects to the server. To cut such a possibility to the bone, ExpressVPN offers users a kill switch function, which adds an additional layer of the protection to the product.

But if we’re talking about the prominent feature of this private service, then we can’t but mention the speed of its connection. Thanks to more than 2 000 service in 148 locations around the world, you can enjoy live streams of sports, events, movies without a bit of delay. The ExpressVPN service is indeed a universal option for any purpose you might want to use it.

Windscribe review – the cheapest

The monthly price of the Windscribe is outstandingly low, but it’s not this VPN’s single prominent feature. For less than $5 per 30 days, you get an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, high speed, and work in accordance with the best data protection standards.

Windscribe owns about 500 servers around the globe, which is less than some VPN clients offer, yet, absolutely enough if you take its cost into account. The more important aspect is the servers’ location, and here Windscribe can compete with the real corporative giants, having around 100 of covered countries.

Windscribe is a combination of well-made anonymity instruments, accompanied by a meager price, high security level, and other pleasant features like a free monthly trial or a wide variety of supported devices. It’s definitely your VPN if you want an excellent middle-class service, which provides decent service for minimal price

To sum up

We’ve shared the materials about the best VPN services for different devices, and now it’s only your decision which product to put above the others. All in all, we wish you to always be safe from unexpected web threats. Good luck with your VPN usage!