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Placing a wager on a game is a great way to make money from the winning team, if you picked right. However, that type of wager is considered a straight bet and while you do get some money, it may not be the highest amount you could find. With that being said, it is time for you to learn about parlay bets and how you can make them into a slam dunk.

What Is A Parlay Bet

For some bettors who are new to gambling or even trying something different they may not know what a parlay bet is. Simply put a parlay bet is when you find several games that you want to bet on and combine them all into a single bet. This does increase the amount of risk you are putting in place as any loss by any of the teams in your parlay means you lose it all.

The potential loss is obviously one of the main drawbacks from the parlays. However, with that loss in mind if you manage to land a win in the parlay the chance of bringing home quite a bit of money is possible. For example, if you do a 2 team Parlay and the money line is a +170 and a -110 for the teams, then the potential payout for a hundred dollar bet would be over 300 dollars back to you.

How To Win Big With Parlays

The biggest way to win big with a parlay type of bet would be to put more teams in your parlay. Doing that alone can lead to even a single dollar wager hitting over a thousand or more in return. However, the more teams the bigger the risk you have of losing.

Now, instead of increasing your wager or picking more teams you need to avoid losing. So make sure you check the teams carefully that you are placing the wager on. To do this you need to properly research the teams you are betting on. Remember a single loss will take out your entire parlay and mean your wager was a loss, instead of a win.

Keep The Teams Small

While it is tempting to make big parlays to get big results it is best to keep the number of teams or wagers down to only a couple of teams or types. This increases your chances of winning big and at the same time reduces the chance of losing. Something else is to research what you are betting on carefully. If a matchup has went on the under the past 20 times, then the chances are the under will hit again and that makes it easier for you to make the right pick.

Winning big is something that all gamblers want to do. However, at the same time the parlay bets are the best way to hit. You just have to make sure when you are making your bets on a parlay you get the best advice to help you land the best picks and parlays to give you the best chance of landing a win.