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One great thing about being a college student today is the wealth of learning resources and tools at your disposal. As a student who wants to study in the smartest and most effective way possible, you should make things easier for yourself by taking advantage of different educational portals, such as domyessay experts, in the most productive way.   

High college and university fees force students to do part-time jobs to meet their basic needs. Some even fail to complete their education. Fortunately, in the current internet age, students do not need to spend obscene amounts of money to get a degree. Online courses offer a cheaper and more convenient option for those who cannot afford expensive college/university fees.

Such educational portals are also convenient for people who are working. Certain educational portals even offer free online courses and resources for students. Such websites have tons of informative notes, videos, and podcasts to help students learn, in addition to providing periodic assessment tests. This free flow of knowledge is beneficial to both students and teachers.

Below are some of the best educational portals for students:

1. Skillshare

This is a unique website where anyone with adequate knowledge on a certain subject can become a teacher. If you are worried about the quality of education offered, you can rest easy because most teachers are industry leaders and experts.


This is a great educational portal for high-quality courses and video tutorials. It offers a diverse range of videos, which means that students can find lessons on anything from business to software and coding. The site also has a wealth of tutorials for creative disciplines like photography, design, and more.

3. Bestessays

Students who want to improve their writing skills and those with a tight deadline to submit essays should check out this portal. The site boasts some of the best editors and writers in the field, who are capable of writing dissertations, coursework, term papers, and essays.

4. Hyperpad

This site helps students without any coding skills to build their own games or apps. They simply build apps by importing graphics and incorporating behaviors using the drag and drop functionality. It is a great way to venture into the field of programming.

5. Codeschool

Being a software developer is one of the best jobs today. With its blend of videos, coding challenges, and written material, codeschool helps students learn the basics of programming, as well as advanced coding for those with a certain level of knowledge.

6. Docsity

Docsity is a social network designed for students who want to learn. It gathers teachers and students from around the world and allows them to share study material, notes, documents, video courses, and published articles.


In addition to being a platform where students can spend days doing research on any subject, is a portal through which they can get detailed and high-quality answers and explanations written by experts.

8. Duolingo

This is a great tool for students who want to learn a new language. In addition to allowing students to choose among 23 languages and more than 60 courses, it is completely free as well.

9. TedEd

This portal needs no introduction to most students. Essentially, it is a massive library of educational lessons and videos, and users can share these lessons and videos with other users.

10. Udemy

This reputable educational portal allows students to find tons of studying material and courses on any subject. As of 2017, the website offered more than 45,000 different courses.

From traditional learning to subjects such as behavioral psychology, educational portals offer a wide range of learning options to students at different levels. Every student wants to get the best education to meet his/her goals. Unfortunately, the best institutions of higher learning charge very high fees, which is where the top 10 educational portals for students come in handy.