The online betting market has never been larger. Since wagering has been constantly attracting new players over the last several years, it is important to know how the activity works and what should you do to increase your chances against the house. This is where strategies come in quite handy. Having at least some kind of strategy is better than just not having it in most cases. However, people have also burnt their bankrolls while attempting some of the dangerous variants we are about to discuss below in the article. 

Of course, you do not have to use any strategy whatsoever and still be successful. Nowadays, there are bountiful wagering-related websites, like Bettingbilly, that provide very useful and relevant information about sports betting in general. On there, you can also find the lists of the most attractive bonuses to claim as well as the high-quality picks from experts in different sporting areas. 

Anyways, let’s move straight to the top three strategies for betting online on sports: 

Proportional Wagering 

This is probably the most efficient sports betting strategy out there. It requires you to always bet with the same portion of your bankroll (in terms of percentage). So, let’s say that you start with a $2,000 bankroll. You always want to bet 10% of it. Your initial wager would be $200 in this case. If you win (at the odds of 3.00 (+200), you would be looking at a $400 profit. It means your bankroll would then be $2,400. In this case, your second bet would be $240 (10% of your bankroll). The same works for the opposite scenario. Had your inaugural pick let you down, you’d have $1,800. In this case, your second bet would be $180 (again, 10% of your bankroll). 

Fixed Amount Wagering 

This is yet another system capable of maintaining the long-term profit (if you are great at choosing the value bets). You stick to the fixed bet amount regardless of what happens. So, you have a bankroll of $2,000 and you want to bet 10% of it. You will wager $200. As opposed to the aforementioned strategy, you will not change the betting amount, regardless of the outcome of your picks. Fixed amount betting will certainly reduce your losses in the long run, but it is way less efficient than proportional betting. 

Martingale/Fibonacci Sequences

We have intentionally decided to put in these two strategies because we want to warmly recommend you to stay away from them. You’ll see numerous sites promoting this pair of wagering systems. At first look, they seem very tempting and attractive, promising 100% long-term winnings. However, these strategies can have fatal consequences to your bankroll and ruin it in no time following a negative streak (which will eventually come sooner or later). In theory, these systems require the exponential growth of your wagers to cover previous losses and still end up in slight profit. However, since nobody has an unlimited bankroll, bankruptcy is unavoidable.