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Golf is widely played around the world and as competition grows, better and better golf facilities are coming up. There is a reason why people want to be playing golf at the best courses. They will do everything they can to set their feet there. It is always recommended to go for the best golf courses whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. That way, you will stand a good chance of improving on your talent without any setbacks. Being at the top golf courses will give you the confidence you need in your golfing career. Here are the top 6 courses that you should consider going to.

1. Portugal, Algarve

In and around Europe, the Algarve Golf Courses present golfers with a host of opportunities that they can utilize to work on their game. In recent times, Portugal has been a great destination for golf holidays and golf tourism among other related activities. Algarve, in Portugal, leads in the best golf courses you will find in this country. Most courses are packed with enough facilities that will give you a wonderful gloving experience. 

2. Scotland., St. Andrews Golf Course

Located in Scotland, the St. Andrews golf course is known for hosting Open Championship for over 25 times. It recently hosted this tournament in 2015 and this has not been without a reason. It is definitely a high-end golf course involved in a lot of golf history. The Old Course is characterized by enormous rolling greens, blind shots and cavernous bunkers among other features making the place a perfect choice for serious golfers.

3. Northern Ireland, Royal County Down Golf Club

A lot goes into choosing the right golf course especially in establishing the kind of facilities that exist on each one of them. In Northern Ireland, the Royal County Down Golf Club is known for hosting serious golf competitions including the Curtis Cup, Irish Open, Palmer cup and few others. Its beautiful landscape makes it a number one choice for golf enthusiasts around the world.

4. Georgia, Augusta National Golf Club

The Augusta National Golf Club is one spectacular golf course situated in Georgia. Over the years, it has gone through various facelifts to make it the perfect golf course that golfers have dreamed of for years. There are great stories and history around it especially touching on the Masters Tournament and the Augusta National story. All these put together makes it a perfect destination for golfers.

5. New Jersey, Pine Valley Golf Club

While in New Jersey, the Pine Valley Golf Club will be a perfect choice for any golf enthusiast. It may not be associated with big-time competitions and tournaments but the crump cup is an amateur competition worth trying. It is a secret surrounding with a lot of physical brilliance of pine trees and other features like you would expect for a golf course.

6. California, Cypress Point Club

The Cypress Point Club in California is yet another great option of a golf course for golf lovers.  It is a gorgeous assortment of golf holes that any golfer would fall in love with. The setting in a Cypress neighborhood makes the golf course a unique point for playing the sport. It is slightly over 6500 yards in size.  For golf enthusiasts, it is definitely a scene to behold.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to have the best of golfing activities, then it would be important to go for the best courses in the world. Characterized by the good landscape and quality facilities, these golf courses will get you the answer you want in your golf playing endeavors!