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Traveling to another state or country can always be more fun if you’re going to go see a specific event or sport. It can serve as the main focus of your trip and give you something big to look forward to.

Planning out your trip will require you to do many different things, from getting any money transfer issues squared away to reserving hotel rooms to budgeting yourself appropriately, to finding out the best place to make online bets, and of course, to choosing where you want to go to begin with.

If you are currently unsure about which sporting event you would like to see, this article should help provide you with some important ideas.

Here are the top sporting events around the world you need to travel to:

Daytona 500 in Florida, USA

The Daytona 500 event essentially serves as the pinnacle of NASCAR racing. There are a certainly a large number of raging fans present, but people who are new to NASCAR will often pay a visit to see what the hype is all about as well. In addition to seeing the exhilarating race itself, you can also relax on the nearby beach and stop in at many of the local parties.

Wimbledon in London, UK

Are you a huge fan of tennis? If so, then visiting the Wimbledon tournament in London will be the ultimate sporting event for you to visit. London may be an expensive place to travel to, especially over the summer, but for true tennis fans it’s a trip that will be well worth the expense.

World Series In USA

The actual location of the World Series changes by year, but it’s always in the United States. The World Series is one of the most popular sporting events in the world and is the championship series of MLB (Major League Baseball). If you’re a baseball sort of person, this is the event to travel to.

FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Maybe you’re not so much of a baseball person as much as you are into soccer. If so, heading south into the heart of South America in Brazil to see the FIFA World Cup will be a truly memorable experience. The FIFA is a global competition, and the only other sporting event that really capture more press attention is the Olympics.

Kentucky Derby in Kentucky, USA

The Kentucky Derby races may each only be two minutes long, but it sure is an exhilarating two minutes, at least to the point that it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world, including celebrities. The Kentucky Derby is the most popular and best known horse race in the country, and the build-up to the race is often just as fun as watching the races itself. You’ll also have the opportunity to tour the horse farms beforehand.

The Best Sporting Events To See

The sporting events that we have covered here today are some of the most popular in the entire world and attract thousands if not millions of tourists from all areas of the globe.