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Ever since the origin of Bitcoin, it has been the center of attention. During its early days, it was the topic of discussion because people did not believe in it and thought that it was some sort of spam. However, Bitcoin stood the test of time and slowly and gradually it’s value rose and a lot of people earned huge profit out of it.

However, no matter how exciting Bitcoin trading may sound, but still it is not everyone’s cup of tea and only if you have knowledge of algorithms and a keen eye for the latest market trends, then only you can trade Bitcoin successfully, or else you can even end up losing a good amount of fortune. 

Well, if you are also hoping to explore the world of crypto-trading and trade Bitcoin at some point, then you are at the right place. Read this article for some amazing tricks for a sure shot success in Bitcoin trading.

Let’s start:

  • Fundamental Hodl strategy

For this strategy, you do not need experience or technical skills to trade Bitcoin. All you need is money and a lot of patience. Trust me; this method is very reliable in the long-run. In this method all you have to do is to monitor the price of Bitcoin and follow the business news, to analyze the condition of Bitcoin market in the future and then make a move accordingly.

Now, you may think that what this Hodl stands for? Well, there is a funny story behind it. Hodl is a misspelled of the word “Hold”. The Hodl strategy became famous after a trader who was high, posted his comment in Bitcointalk. Afterwards, this strategy became famous and was used by many traders. 

For those who are just beginners in Bitcoin trading, let me tell you that the price of Bitcoin hugely depends on the demand and supply principles. I am sure that those who have studied economics know what I am talking about. If the demand for Bitcoin is high, the price will hike up. Whereas the price will drop if there is no demand.

So, all you have to do here is to keep a keen eye on the cryptocurrency market and the demand for Bitcoin, so that you can analyze the price of Bitcoin in the future.

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  • Technical analysis 

Yes, the unstable and volatile nature of Bitcoin indeed allows a lot of people to gain profit. But business means risk. So, before you dive into crypto-trading you need to properly analyze the risk that you may face in the future. In Technical analysis method is illustrative. So, that whenever you look at the chart, you will automatically get an idea that what is happening around the market and what should be your next move. 

Through this chart, the whole market situation is presented before you. With the chart and graphic illustrator, you will be able to understand the market better and make a good move.

  • Scalping 

Scalping is also known as pips trading. It is also one of the technical analysis methods in which you open a huge number of positions within one single trading day. However, the Scalping method is nothing new and has been used for quite a long time for stock trading.

The scalping method is quite useful and the traders earn a huge amount of profit by opening large number of positions on a single trading day.

What do you think of these Bitcoin trading strategies? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.