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The implications of clean water are serious. Government regulations, health factors, and simply good citizenship drive proper compliance. Any sort of industrial application using wastewater must be sure that the byproducts are clean and clear. The metal finishing industry uses water as one of the main catalysts in its production. From chrome plating to zinc finishing, any water used will become contaminated. Not to worry: purification is simple and affordable! With recent advancements, wastewater treatment technology has evolved to work productively for business owners everywhere.

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency has tightened their guidelines on acceptable wastewater pollution levels. Be warned: the EPA is one agency that does not play around. Fines and business closures are common occurrences for guilty parties! The best position a business could take is proactive pollution control. When the time arrives for a business inspection, it’s best to be beyond prepared.

Taking the proper precautions against pollution is just good human nature. These types of metal waste products can cause serious health complications. Chromium runoff can contribute to terrible cancer growth. We all know how dangerous lead is; kidney and brain damage can set in quickly after exposure. Cadmium can lead to cancer and lung damage. These types of health risks must be protected against for our environment and our children’s future.

Using correct techniques for processes such as metal finishing wastewater treatment is super simple. Sophisticated machinery takes the water in, filters it through presses and screens, and then releases the clean byproducts. High pressure plates separate the metal solids from the water, allowing for easy contaminant disposal. The clarified water can then be recycled in-house or sent out to the general plumbing network. Recycling your water the proper way saves you money, saves you time, and saves your health.

Water sent to be treated will be under high pressure; therefore, safety is of the most importance. Imagine the disaster of a contaminated water spill! Lost time, lost profits, and lost confidence are all bad for business. When constructing a treatment platform, reinforced rubber tubing is the absolute best option. Tubes with perforated metal cores are strong and durable. Thousands of gallons can run through one treatment system in just a short time. With a metal core, the tubes will have greater flexibility and longer lifetimes.

Filtering solids from your metal runoff? Perforated metal tubes work great for pre-filtration as well. By allowing the water to run through a screen before the main filter, the system will be able to focus on the smaller pollutants and particles, keeping our valuable water source clean.

Don’t gamble with bad filtration practices. If you stop and think about it, clean water is truly a luxury. We should ensure the best for our community today and for our planet tomorrow. The industry of metal finishing will only keep growing; it’s best practice to stay ahead of the trends. Safeguard against pollution, keep the environment clean, and you’ll be celebrated. Not only as a successful business owner, but as a steward of environmental responsibility.