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We all rely on coffee… a little too much. Rather than returning again and again to the coffeepot for life and power, we could all benefit from having some extra chutzpah. It turns out, improving our daily energy levels isn’t as hard as we thought. Besides giving us extra stamina and oomph, most of these tips will improve our health as well. Rather than sitting aside, bleary-eyed, we can get healthy and get energized by following these simple tips.

Get Better Sleep

Most of us don’t sleep very well. While we might be in bed for a full eight hours, we’re not getting the REM sleep we need. Restless legs, stress, nutrient imbalance, or even sleep apnea could be keeping you from slumbering soundly. Get to the root of your bad sleep. You might need to eliminate caffeine after 2pm, or cut down on screen time before going to sleep. Often, our bedding is keeping us from a good night’s sleep, so make sure your mattress and pillow are helping, not hindering, your rest. You can even build your own pillow to ensure near-perfect dreams.

Get Exercise

Getting the right amount of exercise, several times a week or every day, will help improve our energy levels. Exercise boosts our metabolism, so taking twenty to thirty minutes every day to run, do yoga, or take a zumba class can all help improve our energy. Even just getting up from your work desk and engaging in a physical activity for five minutes can help get your blood rushing and your brain working more actively. For serious exercise routines, take Mesomorph pre-workout to get the most out of your routine. If you need help staying active, convince a friend to work out with you. That way, you can keep each other accountable, and enjoy some company while you exercise.


While sugar gives a great rush at first, it has negative long-terms effects on our bodies, often making us irritable and sluggish. Instead of a sugary granola bar, grab a different snack. Nuts and other snacks high in protein can help improve energy levels. Chia seeds, once coveted by Aztec warriors, are a great way to get energy. Chia seed pudding can be made in the fridge overnight, and the next day, a small container of it should boost your energy at work. Other energy-giving foods include green tea, magnesium-rich foods like nuts and fish, dark chocolate, and quinoa. Drinking enough water also helps to boost your energy.

No one should have to suffer from low energy levels. That midday slog can go away, replaced by mental clarity and a fervor for work and fun. If you need an energy boost in your day to day life, start implementing some, or all, of these three tips. Daily exercise, healthier snacks, and better sleep will improve all areas of your life–not just your energy. While exercise can be a pain at first, and snacking healthier often takes planning, you’ll find it isn’t as hard as you thought to turn your energy levels around.