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Week 12 of the NFL season is here and there are some really interesting storylines to follow. Let’s look at some things you need to be keeping a close eye on this season. 

Can Trubisky and Nagy figure it out?

Mitchell Trubisky and Matt Nagy had high expectations coming into this season but both of them have some serious issues. There have been arguments about if it’s Trubisky’s fault or Nagy’s fault, but there is one thing clear, they aren’t moving the ball. 

Trubisky is having trouble moving the ball, and Nagy doesn’t seem to be calling the right plays to make it better. The Bears have a juicy matchup against the New York Giants defense and they can’t move the ball in this game, all hope might be lost. If you are looking for free NFL picks on this game, and every game make sure to check out this link. 

Dak Prescott

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Dak Prescott this season and some have been talking about him as an MVP candidate. On Sunday he leads the Cowboys into a big showdown with the New England Patriots, and with a win the Cowboys can take complete control of the NFC East. Can Prescott step up to the table?

Can the Falcons take another step towards saving Dan Quinn’s job? 

Dan Quinn was probably lucky earlier this season to not lose his job, but because he has kept it this long, the Falcons actually could save it past this season. The Falcons have done a complete 180 the last two games and are playing like a different team. The defense has given up only 12 points total the last two games. Can the Falcons slow down the Buccaneers offense and win another game? 

Which 49ers team will show up against the Packers?

After playing a near-perfect season the 49ers haven’t looked as good the last couple of weeks. A couple of weeks ago they lost to the Seahawks and they struggled against the Cardinals in the last game. They have a tough matchup against the Packers and are going to need a near-perfect game to win.