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What Makes a Good Business Card: Designs that Get Noticed

If you are trying to make a business card, you should know what makes a good business card. Click here to learn how to make a card that gets noticed.

For every two thousand business cards that you manage to give out, you will get a 2.5% increase in revenue. If you want to build trust, set your business apart from others in your area of expertise, and look professional, you will have to prepare your design very carefully. The design is what makes a good business card.

There is a good way of ensuring that your business cards represent you and your company in the best way possible. The key to doing this lies in making sure that you have prepared everything in advance and that you are more than ready for your ideas to come to life the moment the designing process starts.

Here is everything you need to know about creating a good business card.

Choosing a Design

When it comes to choosing the design, choosing the one that fits you is something that can not be overlooked. In order to make your card a representative of the products and services that you offer and to make it easy for your customers to recognize it, make sure that you select design elements and colors that are directly associated with your line of business.

For example, you might want to represent your business with a foil detail if you are selling luxury products like evening wear or jewelry.

Your customers can actually know whether the products or services that you sell are the most affordable choice for them or the most expensive ones by the choice of paper stock and finish that you make.   

Making Your Card Sticky

A reliable printing company, like Print Peppermint, will make sure that you have made your business card sticky. This is how long the business card that you have can stay in a particular place for your customers to see it.

For example, magnetic cards have really been working well for a business that mostly offer recurring services such as car services, hairdressing, pet sitting, gardening, house painting, plumbing, etc. What most people do is that they put them on their fridges so as to refer to them regularly.

Adding a Special Touch

It is also crucial for you to add a special touch to them. This will make them stand out from the best and they will reflect a lot on who you are as a company.

Your card will actually stand out and your customers will notice the difference in your cards, whether you choose a card shape that is very catchy or includes metallic finishes, raised print, or embossing.

Contact Details

Making sure that contact details are correct is another thing that you have to do. This means that you proofread the information on your business card before you start giving them out. Choose a legible font that is in a readable size, correct any spelling mistakes, and ensure that the contact details are clear.  

What Makes a Good Business Card

It is very important for you to exchange business cards during networking events, fairs, and conferences.

You should get your business cards professionally printed and make sure that you include the information that is most important as this is what makes a good business card.

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