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Day by day scooters are winning in the popularity contest. But scooters are very popular in Europe and Asia more than the US. But why are scooters so much popular in Europe & Asia than in the US?

Maybe the reason is, people in the US are mainly focused on cars. They like to ride on cars. A car always gives them a feeling of worth and status. Cars have become a part of their lives and they consider cars to be one of the parts of their culture. Not just that they feel the need for a vehicle that can drive a long way, even their roads offer them better performance for cars. Cars are always a symbol of their status and taste. So, they have always found cars more attractive rather than two-wheeled vehicles.

But when it comes to Asia and Europe, they look for efficient transportation. Going out on his regular job or going to the local market for collecting groceries. You can always take a scooter. Traffic plays a vital role in this matter. Asia and Europe are famous for their traffic jams. Scooters are lightweight, easy to handle and much faster. Even the price is decent enough. Scooters offer fuel efficiency and in this time of global warming scooters are the best choice.  Even I agree with these facts and decided to pick my scooter.

India is currently the largest market for scooters. In the past scooters were associated with older peoples and ladies to complete daily errands. But now they are becoming popular among job officials, teens and boys too. Scooters are efficient for daily errands such as going to the office, going to the grocery shop and many other things.

Fuel efficiency is another reason here. Scooters offer better road journey in the countries of Asia and Europe.  But in the US, they look for vehicles that can ride a long way. They have always been fond of cars. But things are changing. So, when you ask, why are scooters so much popular in Europe and Asia than in the US? Well, that’s your answer right there.  

What is a Scooter?

In a nutshell, a scooter is a two-wheeled vehicle. Basically, a scooter is a light motor vehicle with a footboard to rest the rider’s foot. The engine of a scooter is located below the rider or in the rear side of the scooter. Wheels of a scooter are less than 16 inches in diameter.

It’s not similar to a motorbike at all. Most of the bike’s gears need to be changed manually. But when it comes to scooters offers you automatic transmission. This is lightweight vehicles, offer you fuel efficiency. Scooter offers you small engine (50cc to 250cc). Scooter is a great vehicle for older people and ladies to complete their daily errands.

But some people ask why scooters are so much popular in Europe and Asia than in the US? The answer is, the US is mainly focused on the car. But in Asia and Europe people rely on the scooter to complete their daily errands much efficiently and get better road transportation.