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Badminton is the sports from the roots back date of the earlier time of 1800s. This game is popular in different names over the years as Shuttlecock, Battledore and Poona. This game can also be played as team sport but the most popular versions of this game are singles and doubles with one or two players per side respectively. The equipments that are mainly used in the Badminton playing including Shuttlecock are serves as the ball and the badminton rackets. It can be played casually in the grass or beach but if you take it in a more professional settings, it would them require a properly marked rectangular court. However, with all such sophistication, this Badminton game is not gained much popularity in USA as compare to other sports. Games like Hockey, American Football, and Swimming etc. have become loved over the years and we can see that lots of people gathered in one place to watch such game live. In fact, if you want to know about the most popular game of America, then we would definitely tell you that American Football is so popular in USA, in fact it is almost a movement in the country. Here we will list some of the reasons behind of not popularity of Badminton game in USA.

Perception of Badminton Game in USA:

Basically a large number of people in USA do not know about the Badminton game and those who actually know, are not able to realize that it is indeed a certified as well as recognized phenomena is the world of sports. Even there is a concept in many people that Badminton is just a entertaining game that you can play with your family on Sunday afternoon in your lawn or park in short we can say that it is a pass time. We ask some of the people who are staying in USA and as per their opinion if anyone will show interest in playing badminton, and then other people either tease them or laugh at them or even ask them to play any “real sports”. Now such kind of mentality would definitely hurt and break the growth of the Badminton because when the children grow up, they will not pay real attention to the game. This game is like the hide and seeks game of children in USA. They are not at all willing to become a professional in this sport. Thus, Badminton may end up in USA being a thing of the past.

Tennis takes All Glory:

When comes to racket games, Tennis has already captured the attention and love of the people and thus Badminton came along was not much attention left for it. Very few powerful players are into the Badminton game about whom we need to search on the Internet to know more. Perhaps people did not see the need for two racket games that are almost similar.

Internet Game Overpowered:

People are much more showing interest today in online internet game whether it is for football, hockey, volleyball or any other game and buying online lottery tickets for playing or checking out games. So, they are not taking much interest in Badminton game.

Limited Media Coverage:

Another important part that is neglected in USA for Badminton sport is media coverage. You need to search far and wide to get any live coverage of Badminton game. There is not much media based exposure of this game.