Online slots games such as Fluffy Favourites slots are loved by people of all ages around the world for so many different reasons. Obviously, it’s an added bonus if we can hit the jackpot whilst we play, but for some reason, this does not seem the only thing we play for.

Slots games online seem to excite us and entice us whether we win or not, but why is this the case? And why do we keep on returning even if we have previously lost?

Slots Online Excite Players

There are so many different games available for us to play, that we want to keep coming back for more to experience the newest games on the block.  We want to know what all the fuss is about and see what our friends are getting so hyped by.  With hundreds, if not thousands, of new slots online games being released every day, there is so much choice that we need to spread out our excitement over various days so that we simply do not burst with joy!  Not only do they excite us, but they boost our mood and they are also great for occupying us if we are in situations that we find boring.  One of the most common instances of this is slots games being played during the daily commute thanks to mobile slots and slots apps that are now so commonly used.

Online Slot Release Endorphins

Playing slots games make us happy and when we are happy we release endorphins which continue to make us happy.  What this equates to is the fact that we can in effect cheer ourselves up just by participating in playing slots whether we win the game overall or not.  It doesn’t matter to the levels of happiness whether we hit that jackpot or not.  So, when we have had a rubbish day or a long day at work, many people look to slots games online as a way of relaxing and we can prove this by looking at the prime time when online casino slots games are at their busiest, and surprise, surprise, it’s just when everyone has returned from work and is looking for a way to unwind, so it’s between the hours of 7 pm and 9 pm.

There’s Always a Chance

You’ve got to be in it to win it, isn’t that the saying?  It certainly applies to playing slots games online, where you have to be playing to be in with a chance of hitting those big jackpot prizes.  And it is the chance of being able to hit these big cash sums that often have people returning to play slot games time and time again because some of the cash prizes up for grabs can be life-changing. The opportunities these would give for some players to be able to give up work, live mortgage-free, go on that dream holiday, help out their children, would be an opportunity that should never be missed.  For many, this chance is just as comparable as playing the lottery.