Though there may be many things that differentiate the rich and famous from the likes of your everyday Joe, there is one thing that may surprise you to learn that a lot of us have in common.  This is the fact that many of us share a love of playing slot games.  Whether you have money to burn or have to watch the pennies to be able to play this beloved game, slot games have a certain draw that cannot be denied, no matter how much cash you have in the bank.  It must, therefore, be the case that there is more to playing slot games than the possibility of winning as the rich and famous don’t need to try and win themselves more cash.  But who publicly loves to play slot games at

Pamela Plays Slots

We all know her for her time either as a Playboy Bunny or for her role in the famous TV programme “Baywatch” but there is more to Pamela Anderson than initially meets the eye.  Her favourite games to play in the casino are poker and slot games.  This has been made public knowledge and games developers were made of this fact too which is why they created a really special game in her honour.  The slot machine we are talking about actually has Pamela as a character on the reels of a slot game and she has been known to play this game for hours at a time.  It is a Baywatch themed slot, not only with herself as one of the main characters but many of her fellow actors and actress appearing on the reels. 

Gest Gambles

Once known as an impressive music producer, David Gest spent a lot of his free time playing on slot machines.  Though he is more well known as being the ex-husband of the great Liza Minnelli, David Gest made headlines of many papers for negative reasons relating to the negative behaviours he had developed in relation to gambling and his love for playing slots games were no exception to this.  There were times towards the end of his life where it had been reported that he could spend $10,000 purely playing on slot machines which is an extortionate amount of money but if you do have money to literally burn, then anything is possible! 

Celebrity Slots Players

Pamela Anderson and David Gest may be the two people who are most commonly spoken of for their love of playing slots game but they are not the only ones.  Hollywood is covered in public and secret slots players who enjoy playing the games in casinos and online too.  There are some other famous people who enjoy a spin of the reel from time to time too who you will perhaps be interested to learn about.  These can include people such as Paris Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt.  There is a slots game for every celebrity to enjoy and there is a slot game for you to enjoy too!