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The NFL Draft, alternatively knows as the meeting for player selection, is a yearly event that deals with the selection of the eligible College footballers by the teams that participates in the NFL. This meeting is considered the most common source of the league for recruitment of the players. On the other hand, it serves as a sourcing event for the fresh talents for the NFL teams as well as the national football team. In the opinion of the experts, this event provides the chance for the upcoming talents to attract the attention of the coaches and the officials of the club football and national football teams. It also provides a chance for fans to make wagers at betting sites on which players will be chosen in each spot.

An excerpt of the upcoming meeting

The NFL Draft or the year 2017 has been scheduled between the 27th and 29th of April, in front of the Art Museum in Philadelphia, at Eakins Oval. This is going to make a history as it will be the first time,the entire player selection meeting will be held outdoor.s This 82nd session of annual player section will be remarkable for Philadelphia as the event is returning to this venue, since 1961. Needless to say, the football fans of Philadelphia are excited for the event as the event is going to be held here, almost after 50 years and this time, they can witness the entire proceedings, live. Most importantly, NFL authorities will be making arrangements for announcing the names of the selected players from an open air Theatre, constructed on the Rocky Steps. As an overview of the upcoming event, the meeting will swing in 7 rounds and 253 total selections are to be made by the NFL teams, within the span of these rounds.

Some interesting trivia on the Upcoming Draft

As per the set structure of the event and the prevailing format for player selection, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns will get the chances to make the maximum selection, while, the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons are the clubs that will be getting the chances to make the fewest selection. Clubs, empowered to make the highest and lowest selections, can select 11 and 6 players, respectively. The Cleveland Browns will be getting the chance to make the first selection. For this event, the Denver Broncos have been assigned the tag of “Mr. Irrelevant” for this event. This session of the player selection meeting will witness for the first time that the club teams, trading with the compensatory picks.

ESPN, ESPN 2, and NFL Network will be broadcasting the show live, across the United States.

With just a few days left for the event to happen, the excitement among the teams, players and the football fans have already sworn to sky-height. Considering the various First-time events that are going to happen in this session, the excitement rises further. This yearly event will bring a flock of gifted and skilled players to the limelight, who will be ruling the club football and will be serving the national team, in the years to come.

The countdown to this crucial event has already started, with excitement ticking up at each moment