Tre Mason

Who will lead the SEC in rushing in 2014?

Last year the SEC was a QB driven league, but this year it looks like the year of the RB as the league is deep with talented in the backfield. In 2013, Tre Mason led the league in rushing yards per game at 129.71 and in total yards rushing with 1,816. That was the subject […]

SEC Network

SEC Network releases team hype videos

The SEC Network is coming and even though it won’t be here for a few months, they don’t want you to forget about them. Truth is, they need you not to forget about them because they still need to make some deals to get on some of the premier satellite and cable providers. Yesterday, the […]

Charlie Strong. Photo: USA Today Sports

Charlie Strong dishing realistic truth about Longhorn title hopes

The Texas Longhorns will not be playing for a national championship in the firsts season under the College Football Playoff model. You probably already assumed that, but new Texas head coach Charlie Strong wants to make sure we are all clear on this. “We have everything available, and I don’t know why we can’t be successful,” […]


College Football’s future in a unionized world

Later this week the world of college football (and college sports in general) changes in a major way. Not only will the NCAA Board of Governors vote on proposed autonomy for the “Power 5″ conferences on Thursday, but the first ever college players union vote will take place at Northwestern just 24 hours later. It’s […]


CBR’s favorite college football websites

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are a pretty big football fan, so are we. We write about the sport that we love but we also enjoy seeking out information and knowledge pertaining to college football. Writing and curating a website takes time and passion and since it’s the off-season, we thought […]

Image: Nike Football

Arkansas gets it mostly right with new uniforms

Arkansas will have a new look on the football field this fall, although they will still look like the same team we have seen for some time. The new uniforms from Nike are part of a complete overhaul to the Arkansas athletics brand. Football will not be that much of a drastic look, but a […]

Photo: USA Today Sports

New media deal has Crimson Tide seeing green

The cost of conference media rights for conferences has continued to grow over the years as television networks see greater profits to be had with live sports programming. Schools affiliated with the power conferences tend to cash big checks when it comes to splitting the total revenue brought in through media rights agreements with the […]

Peach Bowl

Chick-fil-A Bowl’s new name is just peachy

Today in Atlanta Chick-fil-A announced they are putting the “peach” back in the Peach Bowl. Well, the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, at least. That’s right, the Peach Bowl is back, and it is ready to host some playoff college football! The Peach Bowl will host a semifinal game in the 2016 season and will be the host […]

Photo: USA Today Sports

Will Indiana make a bowl game in 2014?

Indiana came close to playing in the postseason in 2013, but came just one win shy of becoming eligible for postseason play. Can the Hoosiers take the next step forward in 2014? That was the subject of the latest Big Ten-focused round table on Athlon Sports this week. I shared my opinion, which you can […]


Mark Emmert toes company line on Dan Patrick Show

With an interesting NCAA vote coming up on Thursday for a new NCAA structure and Northwestern’s Union vote lingering on Friday, today was an interesting day for Mark Emmert to go on the Dan Patrick Show. Especially, considering the fun he had on social media this weekend. Here is what Dan talked about with Emmert…. Why is […]

South Carolina football

Ebayer profiting off South Carolina student athletes

I don’t use e-bay but I thought it would be interesting to poke my nose around the site and see what kind of stuff I could find being sold relating to college football. A quick search found a signed South Carolina football from the 2013-14 season featuring the autograph of Connor Shaw plus “many others”. […]

Marcus Mariota

Bloguin around college football (4/21)

I was poking my nose around the Bloguin family of sites on Sunday and noticed that we have a couple of new college blogs that have come into the fold: Big Blue Digest (Kentucky) and Noled Out (FSU). There is a lot of content produced by the various Bloguin blogs that I don’t have a […]

Kain Colter, Dan Vitale

South Carolina President outlines new NCAA structure

University of South Carolina President Harry Pastides went public with an Op-Ed in the Chicago Tribune [story link] saying that the NCAA will vote on Thursday to endorse a new structure that will “address many student-athlete concerns.” Pastides notes that this vote will take place one day before the Northwestern players vote whether to unionize. […]

CBR Rewind: Looking back at week seven of the 2013 season

During this off-season, we are taking a trip down memory lane by reliving the high points (and low points for some teams) of the 2013 college football season. So far we’ve covered weeks one, two, three, four, five and six. Now it’s time to take a look back at week seven… Here was the Top 5 entering the weekend: 1. Alabama […]

Georgia Tech attendance

117 fans attended Georgia Tech’s spring game?

Editor’s note: It is obvious there were more than 117 fans in attendance, although Georgia Tech has not shared a more definitive number. Attendance total aside, the overall point of this article addresses trending concerns regarding spring football around the country. 117? That’s the number that’s been floating around social media in terms of fans […]