Russell Westbrook camp interviews don’t offer much about his future with Thunder

Other than rumors about Blake Griffin getting traded to the Boston Celtics, Russell Westbrook trade rumors are all the rage.

Not even 60 seconds after Kevin Durant revealed he’d join the Golden State Warriors rumors starting popping up about Westbrook, the guy left behind. Why not? Fun as it might be to see an angry Westbrook put up MVP-caliber numbers while gunning for the Warriors, it doesn’t make a ton of sense for the Thunder to keep him around and lose another superstar with nothing in return.

If folks were expecting some sort of revelation from the man himself at a Thunder camp recently, well, it’s time to keep playing the waiting game. Erik Horne of the Oklahoman provided the report:

Multiple witness accounts from Westbrook’s OKC camp had the Thunder star being asked by campers if he’ll be back at the camp in 2017, to which Westbrook said yes. Other than that subject-to-change answer to his young fans, it’s been quiet in regard to his future.

In an official interview, per Horne, Westbrook went out of his way to dodge giving an official answer.

“I don’t think that far ahead, man,” Westbrook said. “Right now I’m just worried about the summertime and enjoying my time off.”

Based on the Durant surprise and others in the past (Ahem, The Decision), though, it’s easy for worried Thunder fans and hopeful fans from around the league to stay on their toes. Westbrook might not have much to say, but it’s impossible to know what the brass in Oklahoma City continue to work on behind the scenes.

After all, as mentioned, the Thunder cannot afford to lose Westbrook the way they did Durant. They gave Durant some wiggle room, didn’t demand he sign an extension or get dealt and paid the ultimate price. To do the same again would be very unlike the Thunder, who in recent years penned the blueprint on how a small-market team can contend for titles.

Westbrook won’t suddenly have much to say. As NBA fans should know by now, though, they can’t trust everything they’re told.

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