5 NFL quarterbacks poised to break out in 2015

The 2015 NFL season is close to getting underway, and there is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming year. There has been quite a bit of player movement this offseason, and there is expected to be a very competitive balance across the league. Some teams that haven’t competed in quite some time are ready to step up and get things back on track, while other teams are making progress in their rebuilding processes.

Over the past few years, the league has become a quarterback driven league. There aren’t many teams that are able to compete for a Super Bowl appearance without a legitimate franchise caliber quarterback, and that will be the case once again this season.

That being said, there are some quarterbacks that are poised to have breakout seasons heading into 2015. Whether those quarterbacks are young or simply have had off years recently, they are going to power their teams to more success this season than they had last. Which five quarterbacks are most poised to break out this coming season?

1. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

Perhaps the most intriguing young quarterback on this list will be Jaguars’ quarterback Blake Bortles. He is without question going to be a much improved in his second NFL season, and there is no question that he has the physical ability to become a star. Last season was an absolute nightmare for the youngster, but he is ready to turn that around an prove that he can be a franchise quarterback in 2015.

2. E.J. Manuel, Buffalo Bills

There is no question that Manuel is going to have a much improved season for the Bills than he has had over the past couple years, and he appears to be the likely starting quarterback for Rex Ryan this year. He has shown flashes of being a legitimate starting quarterback, and has a very deadly offense to work with this season. Buffalo seems to be fairly confident in his ability, and he will reward them for keeping him around and giving him another chance.

3. Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

Cutler has been a major disappointment since being traded to the Bears, but that will change now that they have revamped their coaching staff. John Fox and Adam Gase were hired, and Cutler will have Alshon Jeffery and first-round pick Kevin White to throw the ball to in addition to Martellus Bennett. It hasn’t been a pretty career with the Bears, but Cutler will finally bust through with an improved season and will help lead the Bears back to being legitimate playoff contenders.

4. Nick Foles, St. Louis Rams

Two years ago with the Philadelphia Eagles, Foles had his first breakout season and was one of the league’s best quarterbacks that season. St. Louis acquired him from the Eagles this past offseason, and believe that he will be the franchise quarterback that they have been looking for after a bit of a disappointment last year. Foles will get back to being a legitimate starter, and will help take the Rams to the next step in their rebuilding process.

5. Geno Smith, New York Jets

New York is in desperate need for Smith to step up and prove that he can be a long-term option at the quarterback position. He has the natural athletic ability to become something special, and the Jets acquired wide receiver Brandon Marshall to help him make the big jump in 2015. Smith is going to take that leap in his third NFL season, and will be a major surprise for the Jets and prove himself as a legitimate starter to the rest of the league.

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