NXT (Episode 280) 5/27 Musings

With NXT Takeover Unstoppable in the books, it’s time to get rolling with the new storylines and matches.

If you are looking for a hold by hold re-cap, this isn’t it. Here’s how it works, I watch wrestling and record my thoughts, good or bad. I might not even get to who won the match or how but I will try.

They start off with a video re-cap of last weeks Unstoppable show.

Sami Zayn’s music hits but instead it’s Kevin Owens, who comes out wearing John Cena’s US Title t-shirt. The announcers mention that Zayn underwent shoulder surgery and then they cut to highlights of Owens on RAW from Monday. The crowd starts to get behind Owens by chanting “John Cena sucks” but he turns them around by insulting Zayn. Owens then turns to Samoa Joe and says that if he ever steps in the same ring as him again, he will drop him. After a jab at John Cena, William Regal hits the ring.

Soloman Crowe comes down to the ring and calls Owens a piece of crap. Regal makes the match for the main event: Owens vs Crowe.

They replay Hideo Itami’s injury (the parking lot angle) and then they have an interview with Itami and he says there will be no stopping him when he comes back.

Zach Ryder is backstage and he puts over NXT. Mojo Rawley interrupts his interview and they “bro” out.

Bayley vs Emma

20 minutes in and we get our first match (not that I was counting….yeah I was). Of the women competitors in NXT, I really just don’t connect with these two. This was good for what it was but it was short and Emma was put over strong.

Post-match Dana Brooke comes out and the beat-down on Bayley continues until Charlotte comes to the ring. Charlotte briefly gets the upper hand until she gets slapped by Emma and Brooke hits her with a Samoan Driver.

Next up they show highlights from Unstoppable and Rhyno tells Baron Corbin that their match was “fun” and that he wants to do it again.

A Becky Lynch vignette is up next.

Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy w/Alexa Bliss vs Mike Rallis/Elias Samson

Alexa Bliss has an outfit that is matching that of Blake and Murphy so it looks like this is a thing. I was hoping they would put her with Tyler Breeze but she looks good with them, definitely adds some personality to the group. B&M retained with a suplex/frog splash combo. Post-match Breeze hits the “Sparkle Splash” on Samson then they cut a backstage promo running down Enzo and Cass and hype a match for next week between Bliss and Carmella.

Tye Dillinger vs Finn Balor

Dillinger’s hair cut is awful but I don’t think a good haircut would have helped him in this match. Dillinger got in some early heel based offense but Balor made short work of him and finished him off with the top rope double stomp.

Jason Jordan is in the gym and he’s getting interviewed. Jordan says he has the perfect tag-team partner. Chad Gable comes up and toots his own horn. Jordan tells him that he will call him if he needs him.

Kevin Owens vs Soloman Crowe

As soon as the bell rings, Owens takes his usual powder. Crowe follows him to the outside and gets his lunch handed to him. Crowe briefly got the advantage and went to the top rope and Owens pushed him off the top to the floor. Owens beat-down Crowe in the ring. Crowe got a brief comeback but Owens took him out, hit a senton and then the pop-up powerbomb for the finish. Pretty much pure domination by Owens as we head into his match against John Cena at Elimination Chamber.

Post-match Owens goes to powerbomb Crowe on the outside of the ring to the ring apron but Samoa Joe’s music hits and Joe slowly walks down to the ring. The fans chant “Joe’s gonna kill you.” Joe hits the ring and Owens takes a powder and tells Joe that this is a warning and the next time he’s getting what Crowe got.

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