NXT episode 282 musings: Samoa Joe debut match

If you are looking for a hold by hold re-cap, this isn’t it. Here’s how it works, I watch wrestling and record my thoughts, good or bad. I might not even get to who won the match or how but I will try. If you want to get caught up on NXT before reading, check out last weeks episode here.

They start off by hyping Samoa Joe. They call it the most anticipated debut in NXT history.

Zack Ryder/Mojo Rawley vs  Mike Rallis/Elias Samson

First up on today’s show, Ryder attempts to give a rub to Mojo. Rawley and Ryder won, I think I fell asleep at some point during the match.

Next up is a Finn Balor/July 4th Tokyo Show hype video

Dana Brooke hype package is shown. They’ve done a good job of making her look like a stuck up bitch.

Emma vs Blue Pants

So far Blue Pants is clearly the most over wrestler on the show. Decent match, Emma wins via submission.

Enzo and Big Cass are backstage with Carmella and are told that they will get a six-person tag-match next week against Alex Bliss and Blake & Murphy. Enzo gets all Hunger Games on Alexa Bliss.

Bull Dempsey vs Tyler Breeze

They did a strange spot where Dempsey chased Breeze around the ring and then Dempsey got blown up so Breeze threw him in the ring, hit his finisher and won the match. That was strange.

Becky Lynch vs Jessie McKay

Not good, McKay looked uber green.

William Regal says tonight is a “historic occasion” as Samoa Joe makes his in-ring debut. He says Kevin Owens will be at commentary. Bull Dempsey interrupts and is eating a bag of chips. Bull makes excuses as to why he blew up during his match but continued to eat the chips. Regal tells him to get his act together. Regal leaves and Dempsey pulls a candy bar out of his tights.

Jason Jordan is backstage. He says his tag-team partner last week didn’t work out but he has a new one. Chad Gable interrupts and Jordan says it’s not him. Gable tells Jordan that he’s “ready, willing and Gable” when Jordan wants to team with him.

Baron Corbin vs Angelo Dawkins

I think Dawkins was wearing hand me down tights from D-Lo Brown. Corbin won easily. I think we’ve had a total of 9 or 10 minutes of wrestling in the first five matches on this show.

Samoa Joe vs Scott Dawson

Kevin Owens is at the commentary table for the match. Joe gave up a little offense early to Dawson but quickly took over. Joe looked good in his debut as he won with the muscle buster.

Post-match Samoa Joe grabs the mic and calls out Kevin Owens. Owens tells Joe that he’s a rookie in NXT and that he can’t just walk in and get a title match after one match. He tells Joe he has to earn a title match.

William Regal’s music hits and Regal tells Owens that Joe hasn’t earned the right to a title match but he has earned the right to fight. Next week, it’s Joe vs Owens.

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