PDP Reaction: Money in the Bank

The WWE Money in the Bank event is in the books. Here’s a quick look back at the event and what I liked and didn’t like.

To start the event, they honored the passing of Dusty Rhodes with a ten bell salute as the roster paid it’s respect from the ramp.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Randy Orton vs Neville vs Kane vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus vs Roman Reigns 

Good idea to start the show with this one. This was a fun match. I loved Bray Wyatt interfering and costing Reigns the win. Sheamus winning? Not crazy about that as I would have liked to have seen Kane win as he could have had a fun short-term storyline with the briefcase and Seth Rollins.

Divas Title Match: Nikki Bella (c) vs Paige

This was good although a little long. Great “Dusty” finish as Brie subbed in for Nikki but got pinned. The ref then called for the match to continue and as Paige turned around she ate a clothesline and then got the Rack Attack.

The Miz comes out an cuts a promo before he sits down at the announcers table.

If you wanted a bathroom break or needed to take out the dog. This was the time.

US Title Match: Ryback (c) vs Big Show

Ryback started out a house of fire but then took time to attack Miz (unprovoked). Big Show then took control until Ryback countered with an MMA style armbar. Big Show then knocked out Ryback but Miz interfered causing a DQ. The good news? This was a short match. The bad news? This feud will continue.

Kevin Owens vs John Cena

Another great match between these two and John Cena went deep, deep into his playobook. Cena even broke out a Code Red (and Owens totally saved his ass on that move)! Great back and forth “big fight” feel to this match as the two just kept throwing out bombs. Cena gets the win, which I’m not crazy about, unless they fight again at Summer Slam and Owens comes out the victor of the feud.

Post-match Cena goes for a truce by telling Owens good match but Owens sucker punches him (well, kicks him) and then hits a power bomb on the outside on the ring apron and leaves Cena laying.

Looks like we will get a third match between these two, so Cena winning makes a lot of sense.

World Tag-Team Title Match: The New Day (Big E/Xavier Woods) (c) vs The Prime Time Players

Tough match to follow but they had a decent match here. Prime Time Players got the win for what should be a short run as tag-champs.

World Title Ladder Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs Dean Ambrose

Really solid match, especially since they had to fill over 30 minutes and even though the crowd was dead for the first part of the match. Creative finish with both guys falling to the ground with the belt but Rollins ending up with it. Ambrose showed a lot of grit in the loss and Rollins showed that he could finally win by himself.

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