PDP Reaction: WWE Payback

The WWE Payback event is in the books. Here’s a quick look back at the event and what I liked and didn’t like.

Sheamus beat Dolph Ziggler

This match was just kind of there for the most part but I did like the ending. Dolph got his revenge with the stink-face and Sheamus got a needed win. Sheamus hasn’t done anything since his heel turn and this win helped him more than the loss hurt Dolph. As a heel, Sheamus is still missing something. Maybe he needs a manager.

Tag-Team Title Match: New Day beat Tyson Kidd/Cesaro in 2 out of 3 falls match

The first fall was quick but a ton of fun. Cesaro was tremendous as was Xavier on the outside trying to get in via the “Freebird Rule”. Awesome sequence in the second fall was Kidd doing a flip over Big E as E tumbled to the outside and then closelining Kofi. Kidd then did a suicide dive to the outside but Big E caught him and suplexed him over his head.

Another great sequence in the third fall where Kidd made a blind tag and Cesaro caught Kofi in a backbreaker off the top rope and then Kidd delivered a spring-board elbow drop.

The finish was great where Xavier Woods, who wasn’t part of the match, came in and small packaged Cesaro for the win and then got out of the ring before the ref could tell.

Crowd: “This is Awesome”

Xavier: “We know. We are well aware”

Just a great match and these two teams have really elevated the WWE tag-team division over their short run.

Bray Wyatt beat Ryback

I really like Bray Wyatt and have no desire to ever see Ryback wrestle. That being said I thought this was okay. The closing stretch was strong and Wyatt winning with help of removing the turnbuckle cover obviously keeps this feud going. Even with the win, Wyatt continues to tread water and I would love to see them put the Wyatt Family back together.

After the match, it was announced that the Stone Cold Podcast is coming back on June 1st with special guest Paul Heyman. I like that Austin is coming back but he’s already had Heyman on his podcast so many times I don’t see what new ground they can cover.

US Title I Quit Match: Jon Cena beat Rusev when Lana quit

This was the fourth straight PPV that this match has been on so I drifted away a bit during the contest. The swinging side slam onto the stairs and the AA onto the stairs were pretty nice. Rusev had Cena beat in the middle of the ring with Cena passed out in the Camel Clutch. Rusev then woke Cena up and Cena applied the STF and Lana quit for Rusev. Overall, even though it was the fourth straight PPV for these guys fighting each other….it was a good match.

Naomi/Tamina beat Bella Twins

All four of these women worked hard in the match, it just didn’t come together. This match was in need of a ring general and there just wasn’t one to be found. This match also wasn’t over with the fans.

Neville beat Bad News Barrett by countout

So is he King Barrett now instead of Bad News Barrett? As expected, this was a really good match. The finish was confusing because Barrett got counted out and did it on purpose. This would be fine if he was a champion, but instead he lost on purpose just so he could attack Neville after the match? Uh, okay? And it should be noted that even though Barrett attacked Neville after the match, it was Neville who got the last laugh with the Red Arrow.

World Title Match: Seth Rollins beat Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose when Rollins pinned Orton

The spot where they teased the Shield reuniting was great. Overall, the extended outside interference hurt this match. It was already a four man match, why get three other people continually involved in it? The finish could also have been very interesting as Rollins used Triple H’s pedigree to win the match but they showed Triple H congratulating Rollins so there is no dissension there.

Overall this was a good show. The matches were good from top to bottom although there wasn’t a match that blew my socks off. The Tag-title and World Title matches were the best and the women’s match was the only real dud on the show.

Onto NXT this Wed and then Elimination Chamber in two weeks….


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